Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Funny Stuff: FOX/ABC Tuesday(10/23)

Tonight saw the premier of another great show to be added to the lineup, so I hope you’re ready!

Raising Hope

This was a fun episode.  Even if the A-plot was a tad bit predictable, the writers brought in different angles that made for an amusing ride.

Jimmy and Sabrina find out they get her Nana’s house, as long as they get married in the family church.  Of course, they have to go and visit said church, since the Chance’s are not particularly churchy people.

The pastor says they need to go through an engaged couples weekend for that to happen, so they set it up for the next weekend.  Sabrina’s mom and her fiancé decide they want to come too, and Virginia and Burt pretend they are only engaged, and get in on the trip as well.

The family leaves Maw Maw in the sad hands of Barney, who is convinced them asking him over to watch an eldery lady was a ruse to get him there for his surprise birthday party.  Surprise!  It wasn’t.

They go through the normal pre-wedding sitcom trope where Jimmy and Sabrina seem like they are incompatible, this time via a Newlywed Game type contest.  Jimmy and Sabrina get one right, while his parents and her mother and boyfriend get 20 and 19 respectively.

They go to bed perturbed, but wake up in the bottom of a ravine, their trailer home having been rolled down it by Virginia and Burt, after they realized that their relationship was strong due to the hardships they went through together when they were lost in Ohio.

Unfortunately for Jimmy and Sabrina, they are almost immediately chased up a tree by a bear.  Luckily for them, they realize their mutual love for bear week, and their relationship Is salvaged.  It’s too bad they have to deal with an angry, hungry bear now.

Meanwhile, when the parents realize what situation Jimmy and Sabrina are in, Sabrina’s mom has her boyfriend get a tranq gun, and they search for Jimmy and Sabrina.  They find them, just has the pair of them has decided to jump down and freak the bear out, letting them run away.

Of course, poorly aimed tranq dart shots ensue, and Jimmy and Sabrina are both hit before the bear is finally taken down.  The pastor agrees to marry them, and everyone lived happily ever after, including Barney, who got his surprise party from the gang after they got back from the retreat.

This show is so amusing.  The characters are exaggerations and caricatures for sure, but there is a  humanity and realness that shines through at every turn.  I’m kind of wondering how they are going to stop them from moving into the big house, since it seems every hurdle thrown is easily leaped over.

I got some funny lines, too!

Burt, to Sabrina’s lawyer’s 10 year old protégé, when he learn he doesn’t know the ‘birds and the bees’: “Take a seat Kevin, put your feet up, this is gonna blow your mind.”
Sabrina’s mom and boyfriend, after he proposes to her: “Could you wait 3 weeks for my divorce to be final?”  “For you, I would wait a month.”    

Happy Endings

This show is crazy, and so amusing.  It is a sister show to Community, in a Friends hat.  I love it so much, I don’t take very good notes, but I got a few things.

So this week, Dave and Alex are still together, though they pretended to be casual(they said caszh through the entire episode).  In order to deny their escalating relationship, they set each other up with different people, and then got exceptionally jealous, and so decided to move in together, surprise!

Brad and Jane are having a bit of a relationship renaissance, what with Brad not working, and Jane liking Brad always being around.  Except, whoops, Brad got a job again, and hid it from Jane, until she totally found out.  She was pissed for a bit, until Brad quit his new job, and just took some time to himself, and really got good at his ventriloquist dummy, Sin-Brad.

Penny and Max were great this week as well, what with Penny in a half body cast due to falling down a stairwell, and Max Miserying her to get with her physical therapist.  Lots of hijinks ensue, until Max reminds Penny that yes, she totally did do the same thing to Max when he was in a cast.

A mere write up isn’t going to show the amazing humor of this show, but I did get a few funny lines.

Penny, when after her friends tell her she was basically unscathed after her fall: “I am extremely scathed!”
Penny, after her friends continue laughing at the video of her fall: “Hey guys, not cool, I died for two minutes in the ambulance!”
Alex, describing her and Dave’s relationship: "The last thing we want is for things to get complicated like in It's Complicated, so we're just going to go with it, like in Just Go With It and we're just going to be friends with benefits like in No Strings Attached."

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