Sunday, October 7, 2012

SNL: 10/6/12 Daniel Craig/Muse

Oh, my goodness, this episode was terrible.  Just about every single sketch fell completely flat, in the worst imaginable way possible.

We’ll get right into it, so as not to delay the misery.

The Good:

MSNBC Broadcast(7)-The highlight of the whole show, for me, and when you watch it, you will understand why this episode was just terrible.  The token conservative cracked me up, but Al Sharpton making excuses for Obama rang a little too true to be funny.

The Meh:

Cold Open: Presidential Debate(5)-I actually laughed at a couple of the jokes in here (“It sucks that I got such a terrible economy dumped on me, seeing as I’m such a nice guy, AND inspirational!), but it ran way too long, and the jokes they had for Romney weren’t jokes, just true facts—PBS shouldn’t be publicly subsidized, and a economic recovery plan is going to have multiple steps.

Commercial: Lesser Known Bond Girls(6)-The Lea Michele bit made it for me, but again, this was way too long.

The cat obsessed astronaut(5)- If they put a cute kitten in all the sketches, this show would have gotten a 3 point boost.  Daniel Craig failed at his lines in this one, and it was weirdly blocked, as well.

Weekend Update: Headlines(6)-I don’t actually remember any of the jokes, but there were apparently some funny ones.

Weekend Update: Segments(6)-Winners and Losers was a loser for me, but Big Bird showed up, and didn’t bring his terrible writer from the Emmys a few years ago.  The Italian painter lady was also very amusing, but all the segments did drag a bit.

The Ugly:

Monolouge(3)- There was a glimmer of an idea here, but the execution and the jokes themselves were just terrible.

Construction Guys(2)-Man, again with the terrible execution.  The timing was just off for everyone in this sketch.

Commercial:Long Island Medium(2)-I think someone had been drinking too many long islands when they came up with this sketch.  The execution and jokes were terrible again, and it went on for about five minutes too many.

BBC:A Sorry Lot We Are(2)-I don’t even think there was a joke in this sketch, just terrible accents all around, including from the guy who is actually English, so that was weird.

New Grilfried(1)-Any chance the writers get to dress someone in drag, they take.  This was a complete and utter disaster from ‘go,’ and nothing could save it, least of all Daniel’s terrible comedic timing.

The Rest
The musical guest was fine.  I’m sure I’ve heard their music before, but I was a little bored by it.  The glaring technical issues from two weeks ago were gone, but Daniel Craig sucked it up big time in every single sketch he was in.

I think that is the most sketches I’ve had in The Ugly ever.  Like I said, terrible terrible episode.  Overall, it scored an average of 4, so let see how it ranks, shall we?

1. 9/22 Joseph Gordon Levitt/Mumford & Sons (5.71)
2. 9/15 Seth McFarlane/Frank Ocean (5.38)
3. 10/6 Daniel Craig/Muse (4)

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