Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC Wednesday(10/10)

The Middle

Ahh, I love it when Sue gets things!  So Axl has two cheerleader friends over, but they have no idea that Sue is his sister.  She is not impressed, but fully moves on when she tells Frankie that she isn’t trying out for anything, Frankie and Mike are ecstatic.

Frankie, in Brick news, got an e-mail from his socialization teacher, wanting a meeting.  She and Mike wonder what it could be about, concluding that Brick must be moving up, since he hasn’t done his whisper thing for three weeks.  Turns out, though, that he has a new tick: letting out a ‘whoop’ at random intervals.  The Heck’s just hadn’t noticed because it bears a striking resemblance to battery beeps, and voicemail dings, and other various beeps in everyday life.

Dave Foley, as the school psychologist suggests a pet for Brick to connect with, but the Hecks are reluctant: “He kills pets!...not on purpose, he’s not a serial killer!”  When they get home from the meeting, Sue has a box on her head.  Turns out, the mascot has shingles, so there is going to be an audition, and Sue is totes trying out.

Axl’s subplot was rather lame, those cheerleader friends from the opening both appear to be his girlfriend, but he doesn’t know which one.  He asks increasingly desperate questions to figure it out, and doesn’t, I don’t know, ask them straight up, and instead decides kissing one of them is the better idea.  Of course, it blows up in his face, and he loses both of them.  The end.

Anyway, back to the fun subplot.  Sue tries out for the mascot position, and she’s the only one.  The judge is not particularly impressed, and they extend auditions in hopes of getting anyone else. 

While this is going on, Frankie and Mike try to fix Brick, and fail miserably, so they decide to get him a demonic bunny.  Of course, they didn’t realize it was at the time, but it totally is.  Also:  it totally doesn’t work, especially when the bunny is busy terrorizing the entire family after it escaped from it’s cage. 

Of course, Sue is expecting a call letting her know if she got the mascot position, while the bunny is loose, but she manages to get to the ringing phone without getting mauled by the bunny.  She gets good news, too, in that no one else tried out, so yay for Sue!

The entire family goes to the football game, and Sue is actually surprisingly good at being a mascot, and fully gets the support of the whole crowd.  Then Axl gets the support of the crowd by scoring the winning touchdown, so it’s an all-around win for the Hecks this episode, and it was really fun to watch, as well. 

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