Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazing Race Recap: Season 21 Episode 1

Double Your Money

My favorite reality show is back, yay!

So there have been 21 seasons of this show, and while many of them run together, the individual moments still stick out, like “My ox is broken!” or, the haybales of doom in Sweden.

My plan for this is to give my impressions of the teams, who I want to win, and who I want to die in a fire, plus a recap of finishing order.

So, let’s get right to this!

Trey and Lexi are University of Texas alums, one a football player, and the other a cheerleader.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.  They are dating, and kind of slow.  Other than that, they didn’t really have a whole lot of screen time, so that’s all I really got from them.

Natalie and Nadia are Indian twins born in New York and raised in Sri Lanka.  The one that did the ping pong task seems really cool.  When the other one was doing the frog fallopian tube eating challenge, she was cheering her on, and getting the crowd to join her in a Bollywoodesque dance.  The other one, though, got on my last nerves.  She was yelly and obnoxious when her sister was doing the ping pong challenge, and really needs to shut the heck up if she can’t be constructive.

James and Abba are a lawyer/musician team, and oddly enough, the guy named Abba appears to be the lawyer.  James was apparently in White Lion, which my husband was super excited about, and Megadeath.  They both have long hair and unfortunate facial hair to match.  Other than that, we didn’t really get a whole lot from them.

Josh and Brent are the obligatory gay couple and they are goat farmers, for some reason.  For some reason, CBS decided to play coy with the gay angle, and only showed it in their intro package by them holding hands, but they are stereotypical in every sense of the word.

Amy and Daniel are dating, and she is a double amputee world champion snowboarder.  He isn’t anything, I don’t think, beyond terribly supportive of her dreams/goals/ambitions/whatever will get him TV time.

Caitlyn and Brittany are the dumb blonds, with very little screen time.  I think they’ll be gone in an episode or two, so we’ll just pass on them for now.

Rob and Sheila are a team.  They went to the Bank of China to find an abacus.  I think it goes without saying that they were the first ones out, though it was actually very close, with a team that hasn’t been introduced yet.

Gary and Will are best friends and self-proclaimed AR superfans, but that superfandom didn’t help them on the very first task, where the high challenge nearly did them in.  You’d think a pair of superfans would be prepared for anything, but I guess a pre-race fear test was above them.  Also above them, or Will, at least?  Every single person on the race, as he is only 5’1’’.  Gary is about a foot and a half taller, and the dichotomy of the two of them is rather hilarious.

Abby and Ryan are dating, and that’s about all we know of them.  They came in first only because the second place team directed them to the final clue, and then were too slow to take advantage of their early lead.  I hope they are not in it for very long, because I don’t want to see a neat twist go to a team that is so bland.

Jaymes and James are Chippendales, and very proud of that fact.  Their shirts have the logo, their backpacks have the logo, I think they probably have it tattooed somewhere unmentionable, right by the “I’m with him” tattoo.  They also had a rather ‘hickey’ accent, which made it all the more hilarious when they couldn’t find the lady with the abacus: “I mean, is she a statue, or literal, or on the ground, or in the water???”  Yeah, they had a decent lead attempting to get to the abacus lady, but with their complete lack of knowledge of what an abacus even is lead to them racing Rob and Sheila to the pit stop, and beating them by about 15 seconds.

Rob and Kelly are married championship winning monster truck drivers.  Remember the unfortunate facial hair of James and Abba?  Multiply that by about a thousand, and you get Rob’s frightening goatee.  Immensely shaped, and dyed bright yellow, I’m not sure why a person would do that to their face on purpose.  Just because you know how to use a dye bottle doesn’t make you ‘hip’ and ‘with it,’ old guy.  I didn’t think they were going to make it very far at first, they got lost at the first destination, a sports stadium in Shanghai, and then failed at reading the clue during the eating challenge, but they still finished in the top half of the pack, so they may have gotten a reprieve of early mistakes, if only they don’t repeat them in future legs.

And that was the first episode!  Next week, I have no clue what’s going to happen, as CBS does this stupid thing in hopes of hooking viewers, but only succeeds in pissing people off.  And by people, I mean me.  CBS, your shows do not need to run four minutes into the next hour, you can suck it, thank you.


1-Abby and Ryan
2-Amy and Daniel
3-Caitlyn and Brittany
4-Natalie and Nadia
5-Rob and Kelly
6-James and Abba
7-Josh and Brent
8-Gary and Will
9-Trey and Lexi
10-Jaymes and James
11-Rob and Sheila-eliminated 

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  1. I totally agree with you about the twins, and I just want to see the nice one get fed up and lash out against her sister before the get eliminated. The funniest moment of the show was seeing Jaymes and James over-think (in their own special way) the abacus clue. I was I was talking to a coworker at DISH, and he was saying that the winner of the first leg has won 6 times before. I thought that the $2 million dollar prize was a bit of a gimmick, but there is a better chance than I though of the winner of the first leg taking the grand prize too. I missed the show last night, but I was able to catch it off of a recording that my Hopper automatically made for Primetime Anytime. I love how it records everything on the four major networks without timers or using my storage space. Even with (or maybe because of) his awful facial hair I am going to be rooting for Rob and Kelly because the rest of the teams are a little lacking on personality.