Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC Wednesday 10/3

Tonight, we only have the Middle due to a silly little debate on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL starting at 8.

The Middle

This was a cute episode.  It wasn’t heavy on big laughs, but the story was realistic and amusing.
Frankie got fired from her job.  Considering she was  a car saleman, and a poor one at that, on commission, it’s really not a huge loss, so she decided to start the second act of her life.  She does this by going to community college. 

However, after her registration day, her high hopes for a career are dashed.  There are so many choices, and she really doesn’t know anything, and there is no way she’ll have time to do all the studying required and keep up her house.  But then, Axl, brain trust that he is, manages to calm her down, and even make her feel like she can do this whole thing by regurgitating all the advise she has ever given him, and it is super cute.  He even attempts to help with the laundry, and it’s many quirks and tricks.

Sue is her usual sad sack self, and is super excited about the first day of school, where she will be a sophomore, and a mentor to a freshman.  Her mentee is actually a put-together person, not a complete spaz, and Sue almost can’t handle it.  Jenna, her mentee, manages to get onto the cheerleading squad(the one Sue failed miserably at getting onto last year), and is even named to homecoming court.  Sue lets her little charge fly, because she is dumb, and completely oblivious to what would actually make her friends.

Mike and Brick had a small subplot, where Brick was rude to some of Mike’s friends.  Not wanting to cause a scene, Mike withholds punishment until later, but then Brick gets beaten up by a posse of third graders.  But Mike still needs to assert his control, and talks to Brick about rudeness and whatnot, and Brick manages to dig himself into a bigger hole by asking for clarification on double standards.  Double standards such as Brick not interrupting Mike while he is reading, but Mike expecting Bricks full attention, even if he is reading.

Like I said before, this was a cute episode.  It set the major arcs for the season, and had some chuckles along the way.  This is a inoffensive comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

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