Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(10/15)

How I Met Your Mother

So, just having come off of having Lily’s dad nanny permanently for them, Lily and Marshal have a night with the gang.  Since they made a decree saying “no problems less than an 8,” they don’t actually talk about much, and Lily and Marshal leave just as soon as they came, if only to have some time by themselves.

As soon as they walk out the door, though, they are nearly run over by a taxi, and realize they need contingency plans.  After a few false starts on their will, they get to the ‘who should be guardian’ portion.  Of course, neither grandparent would be suitable, so they default to one of the rest of the gang, who immediately commence in attempting to bribe them with bigger and bigger gifts, in the case of Ted and Robin, or raunchy songs by Barney.

Since that was a big ole flop, Marshal creates one of the things he loves most, a game show!  Barney, Ted and Robin will complete against one another on various baby-raising questions to figure out who would be the best. 

This is where the bulk of the comedy came, with flash forwards to each friend raising Marvin, and some one-liners to boot.  But in the end, the gang gets in a massive fight because Marshal and Lily have been completely baby-focused for the past five months, and have been terrible friends.  Marshal and Lily don’t concede the point until they realize they have no idea what’s going on in anyone’s lives, and so decide to have all three of them be the guardian.  Oh, how sweet.

This was kind of a mediocre episode.  There was a lot of fighting, no fun charts, though there were fun visual props, and no real purpose.  We’re only three episodes into this season, and the writers are already resorting to filler.  A bit odd, if I do say so myself.

There were a few funny lines, though:

Marshal and Lily bugging out after the taxi nearly hit them: “Death is all around us!”
 Lily, while modeling the dress Marshal got her to be wheel girl: “I’m pretty again!”
Marshal, after Robin gives a particularly horrifying answer: “Robin wins the point, because we love her and she’s in a safe space”

2 Broke Girls

Normally, I would put a review here, but since I had handball, and CBS is evil(no OnDemand OR streaming, really?) there will be no 2 Broke Girls review today. 

However, I may be doing everyone a favor, because apparently, there was much talk of Oleg’s p0rn past, which no one wants to see.

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