Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday

Today we had a couple of comedies that actually made me laugh, so let’s get to it!

How I Met Your Mother

So, Barney and Quinn are donezo for good, and Barney wants to get back into the game with Bangtoberfest.  He’s got hats!

Marshall and Lily, on the other hand, are not impressed with the whole having to changes diapers all the time.  Lily actually let’s poor Marvin sit in a poopy diaper for 10 minutes…on purpose, just so she could pass it off to Marshall.  They decide right then and there they need a nanny, least of all because Lily is going back to work on Monday.

Oh, and Ted and Robin have a pointless fight about which relationship is ‘clicking’ more, and as Ted says, “Both of these relationships with implode before the month ends,” so I do NOT care.

Back to the story that is actually not pointless, Marshall and Lily find a fantastic nanny, Mrs. Buckminster, but she is WAAAAY out of their price range.  Lily’s dad has also come to visit in this time, since he burned down his house.  They talk about how they are using the ‘Hey Nanny Nanny’ website, but the ones in their price ranges are all whores or something, and Lily’s dad in not impressed.

That is, until they find a great one:  she’s from St. Cloud, she has tons of experience, she from St. Cloud, she’s great with Marvin, she’s FROM ST. CLOUD, and Marshall has his pick.  She just has one final interview, but thinks that she’s found her job.

Except, when Marshall and Lily call her back that night, she has decided to go with the billionaire single dad.  It is, according to her, going to be ledgen…wait for it…dary. (That’s what he said.)(If by he, you mean Barney).

Yeah, Barney managed to snake away the perfect nanny from Marshall and Lily, and she is pissed.  They go over, and Lily give a classic “You sonofa…itch-bay.”  When Mashall and Lily tell the nanny about the duplicitous nature of Barney, she decides she can’t nanny for them either, seeing as they are friends with the jerk.

So Barney goes on this side swoosh of nanny interviewing escapades, and it’s pretty gross.  Marshal and Lily storm out, and she is fully pissed, due to the fact that she has to work the next morning.

Whoosh to the next morning, and who should show up to relieve Lily of Marvin, but Mrs. Buckmintser!  Barney has paid for her salary, and bribed Marshall with a toy race track.  But hold on, Lily can’t seem to let go of Marvin.  They send Mrs. Buckminster away, and Lily takes a nap for the rest of the day, holding Marvin.

But how did she manage to sleep for the whole day with a needy baby in her arms?  Well, turns out her dad wasn’t always the screw up we know and loathe, when Lily was a baby, he was a stay at home dad, and a pretty great one at that, so he took care of Marvin the whole day, and did a bunch of chores and cleaning around the house as well.  And so, Marshall and Lily found their babysitter, thank god.

To end, Barney hooks up with Mrs. Buckminster, and, while I hate to repeat myself, it was pretty gross.

This was a solid episode.  Though I could have done without the c-plot of Ted and Robin trying to one-up one another(oooh, Nick’s emotional and Victoria’s a slob, who cares?  They’ll be gone in two episodes), the interweaving of Barney, Marshall and Lily’s stories was fun, and mostly not squicky.  I just hope we get a bit of action on the Ted front soon, the show is called How I Met Your Mother, not How Your Aunts and Uncles were Gross those Multiple Times, and then Reconnected with their Families.

2 Broke Girls

I’d call this show a bit of inoffensive fluff, but I’d only be half right.  It is incredibly fluffy, but there is tons to be offended by in just about every scene.

To start off, Max and Caroline have a slap war, because art, or something?  Han and Oleg ogle, and then we get into the story proper.

The diner gets held up by a guy clearly holding his finger in the shape of a gun in his trenchcoat, but the girls freak out anyway, and give him everything he asks for.  That is, until Han comes out, and pulls a gun from his fanny pack.  Oh, and Han is 29.  It was a running joke this whole episode, along with Caroline peeing herself when the robbery happened, and NERD!

So, the girls decide to go to a movie to release the nerves they felt, but they sneak in, because why do something legally when you can skit the law for funsies, right?  There is a random nerd posse there, and they get rightfully pissed when Max takes a million years at the concession stand, and she berates them for wanting to get snacks, the nerve.

They all end up in the same movie, and Han is there too, for some reason that is not really fully explained.    They tease the nerds again, some more, and watch the movie for all of two seconds before Max turns into a black woman.  No, not really.  But she does yell at the screen obnoxiously, and neither of them shut up for two seconds.  I was really surprised the writers didn’t go with the ‘shhh’ gag, and have Max go apeshit on some poor person.

Anyway, Han leaves the theater, and they follow him, because REASONS, dammit.  They then get caught with no ticket stub, and get thrown out. 

And that was basically the episode.  This show is so weird.  It has several things that make me laugh every week, mostly the physical comedy, but the stereotypes and unnecessary ethnic identities of the secondary characters suck the enjoyment every time.  I think I just watch for the money counter at the end.  I’m kind of obsessed with it, just a little. 

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