Monday, October 8, 2012

Amazing Race: Long Hair, Don’t Care (S21E2)

And we’re back with a decently solid episode right up until the last two teams to arrive.

Let’s get right into the teams.

Abby and Ryan literally did not differentiate themselves at all.  I don’t remember a single thing they did this leg, beyond not coming in last.  I don’t hate them, nor like them, they just are.

Amy and Daniel were the heartbreakers this week.  They ran a fairly standard leg until the cab ride to nowhere.  Their cab driver clearly didn’t know where he was going when they were to make their way to Wijaya Motors, and yet, they stuck with him until he brought them there in last place.

Caitlyn and Brittany also failed to really make an impact, beyond their choice to do the ice task, and kind of kicking butt at it.  Ten 10 pound logs of ice are not an easy thing for two girls to deal with, and yet they did decently.

Natalie and Nadyia really turned it around from last week.  They were supportive of each other in the tasks, they didn’t melt down at all, and they rocked it on the fish detour.  The attention to detail they had on the task helped boost them into first place, and got them the express pass to use somewhere in the future.

Rob and Kelly very nearly did themselves in first thing.  They decided to try a different flight than the rest of the teams, and managed to find one that landed not two, not three, but four hours later than the rest of the bunch.  Luckily for them, there was a task bunch right after the airport, and they didn’t need to get to the task until 8am the next morning.  Rob was super cocky the whole time, saying first that they were awesome for finding this other opportunity, and then saying they wanted to slip in under the radar, and last place was totally their plan all along.
Then, they had major issues in the same area that Amy and Daniel did, but they got back to the course faster than the rest, and managed to stave off elimination for another week.  Too bad for them that I kind of hate them now, and will be actively rooting for their elimination next week.

James and Abba were tolerable this week, but didn’t get a whole lot of screen time.  They managed to get on an early flight via standby, but it amounted to a hill of beans with the bunching.  The roadblock doer was amusing with his oversized body continually banging into the bicycle frame.  Other than that, they didn’t get eliminated, so yay?

Josh and Brent also failed to make an impression.  We need a couple more teams gone, I think, so I can actually get to know the participants.

Gary and Will are another team I’m going to be actively rooting against.  Even though Gary was fully supportive of Will when he had an incredibly early breakdown, once they had terrible taxi luck, both of them were so emo, it was really off-putting.  Really, Gary?  You’re going to pout and ‘not run’ because you think you are in last?  Have you never watched this show, mister self-professed super fan?  Anything can happen, and you could have effed yourself out of the race with your defeatist attitude.

Trey and Lexi were another non-element, beside their great finish.  Lexi is a good cheerleader, though, when Trey was doing all the heavy lifting in the ice task.  They didn’t really have any defining characteristics, so I’m not really sure if I like them or not yet.

Jaymes and James are turning out to be super cute.  I don’t think they are going to be great racers, but they will be fun to watch. 

And that was episode two!  It was an elimination leg, so amputee Amy and boyfriend Daniel are done, and they were terribly emotional about the whole thing.  It is unfortunate, because they seemed to be strong racers who got screwed by crappy cab drivers.  Next week:  double U-turn drama!

Finishing order:
1. Natalie and Nadyia
2. Trey and Lexi
3. Jaymes and James
4. Abby and Ryan
5. Josh and Brent
6. James and Abba
7. Caitlin and Brittany
8. Rob and Kelley
9. Gary and Will
10. Amy and Daniel-eliminated

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