Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC Wednesday(10/24)

Tonight, we had a couple of filler episodes, but one bit of plot motion in each to make things all better.

The Middle

We had a kid-centric episode tonight, with the Sue and Brick taking center stage, and Axl getting a bit of plot.

Sue is finally old enough to drive, but due to her crippling fear of driving, she is having trouble learning how.  First Mike, then Frankie attempt to help her, and get nowhere.  That whole almost stealing the neighbor’s car the year before as reeked havoc on  her confidence, and only one person can help: Axl.

After Sue unintentionally runs over Axl’s foot, she is incredibly apologetic, and was looking for a way to make it up to him.  When Axl realizes it’s election day, and has no one to drive him(and he can’t drive himself due to his bum foot), he recruits a old lady to be the adult in the car, and gets Sue to drive him to the polling place, and almost all is forgiven.  That is, until Frankie gets he news: Axl’s foot is broken, not sprained, and his chance for a scholarship have been dashed. 

Brick, on the other hand, had a good showing.  Frankie pawned him off on another parent for trick-or-treating, and when he came home, he had 20 pounds of candy.  Frankie told him to eat what he could in 24 hours, and they’d send the rest to the soliders.  Of course, Brick misunderstood, and went about eating all 20 pounds in that 24 hours, and completely succeeded. 

Frankie and Mike send him to school the next day anyway, fully expecting a call from his teacher regarding a very sick, very rambunctious child, and they are not disappointed. 


When they get to the school, Brick’s teacher(TED!!), tells then he has been a model student, and to keep whatever change they did since Halloween, cause it was awesome.  Of course, they can’t keep Brick hopped up on sugar for the rest of his life, but they enjoy a non-tick-filled Brick while it lasts, which isn’t long.  He has a major crash, and is back to normal in no time.

Not only do I have funny lines, but I have a funny moment as well.

Sue, after Mike mentions her training wheels on her bike: “Oh my God! This situation is very similar to that situation!”
Sue, after she overhears players and cheerleaders saying what a horrible person she is for running over Axl’s foot: *Sue in chicken costume sadly walks down the street as ‘Everybody Hurts’ plays*

This was a rather filler episode as well, used mainly to have Rachel Dratch guest star. 

Tessa has someone following her, and quickly finds out from Sheila that it is ‘she who’s name should not be spoken,’ a supposed witch.  Tessa spends the bulk of the episode debating if she should seek out the woman, and eventually does, and it turns out she’s not a witch, but merely a feminist like Tessa.  Predictable, and utterly one-note, this subplot was not very interesting, beyond a couple of the early scenes.

George, on the other hand, finally got some action on the Dallas front when she asked him to be her Ken.  He misunderstands, and says he doesn’t think he can be Ken.  Dallas is all dejected, and instead has Daliah play her Skipper, and it’s almost adorable.

Noah has decided to be George for Halloween, and to get back at him, George decides to be Noah, necessitating the shaving of his goatee, and it’s about as creepy as you can imagine. 

The group of them go to the country club for the party, and Daliah, of all people talks some sense into George, and when Dallas comes over, he finally asks her out on a date.  It’s about time, is all I’m going to say.

So, like I said, pretty filler, but there were some funny sight gags, and Lisa amused me to no end through most of the episode.

And now, the funny lines!

Sheila, after mentioning ‘she who’s names shall not be spoken’s name in a flashback: “Turns out her name can be spoken.  It’s Paula.”
Lisa, when Tessa accuses her of pushing the Ouiji board pointer: “The spirits work through me, DEAL WITH IT.” 

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