Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Funny Stuff: FOX Tuesday(10/16)

Raising Hope

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this show is so cute.

So, we open with MawMaw narrating to the wall the events of the last episode, mainly how she was taken from the Chance home for elder abuse, and placed in a nursing home.

Virginia decides she needs to get MawMaw back, so they make their way to the home, but are denied entry, forcing the group to make a plan.

Burt’s plan includes tons of cupcakes, mainly so he can lick the bowl after they are made.  Everyone shoots down his plan as being ridiculous, so instead, Virginia calls on Jimmy’s box of magic tricks, and they sneak in in the rolling trunk.  Virginia and Burt, once the group is fully in, get out of the trunk, and dress up as old people, complete with creeeeeeepy masks.  They attempt to sneak MawMaw out, but are stopped in their tracks by…

A caring staff that actually knows who to care for MawMaw, what with the meds in the Pez dispenser tricks, and their sheet music to stop ‘Chopsticks.’  Virginia decides MawMaw is probably better off at the home, and the group dejectedly leave sans MawMaw.

Once they get home, though, the annoying social services lady comes back: MawMaw has gone crazy, and they can’t figure out why.  It’s soon determined that SOMEONE denied MawMaw her last piece of taffy, and so she barricaded herself in the activities room, and may have assaulted the staff.

When MawMaw threatens annoying social services lady’s cat, she allows the big guns, and the Chances get the spray bottle, saran wrap, and hot sauce, and heroically subdue MawMaw.  The home staff decide MawMaw would be better off anywhere else, so she goes back with the Chances.

Virginia VO’s that while they were glad to have her back, they did learn some tricks from the home, though the big guns were held in reserve for when someone steals the last piece of taffy.

I really liked this episode.  It showed growth of character that hopefully will stick, and there were so many laugh-out-loud moments, I wasn’t able to catch them all. 

I did get some, though!

Orderlies, as MawMaw VO’s the previouslies: “Who’s she talking to?”  “I don’t know, yesterday she said she won a Golden Globe and slept with Warren Betty”
Jimmy, after Virginia asks him where his magic trick are: “Oh no, they’re not magic, they’re illusions.”
Burt, after downing one of the seniors’ lunches: “Oh, that’s the best lasagna I ever drank”

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