Monday, November 26, 2012

Amazing Race: Fishy Kiss (S21E9)

So last week, the amazing editors teased us with Abbie and Ryan failing at the airport again.  Did it come to fruition, leaving my least favorite team out to dry?  Let’s find out, shall we?

Jaymes and James started first, and had a rather unremarkable leg, right up til the U-Turn.  They hemmed and hawed for a bit, but finally made a decision, and moved on.  They did manage to crack me up this week by asking the duck on the lake for directions: “hey duckie, you know where the Poffertsjesboot is?” but didn’t get to keep their first place streak going due to…

Natalie and Nadyia, who, after a very lucky one hour layover that didn’t leave them stranded, took the fast forward, and finally one another leg after missing since the second leg.  They were not seen very much at all in this episode, and so I don’t have a lot to remark about them, beyond the fact that their earlier misdeed is one of two things keeping them from being my choice team(the other would be the adorableness that is Jaymes and James, but who’s counting?)

Trey and Lexi actually left before Natalie and Nadyia, but I wanted the fun transition, so they get to be third in the write up.  The only thing of note for these two was that they U-Turned Jaymes and James knowing full well that they had already passed the U-Turn, just to make sure Abbie and Ryan didn’t use it on Josh and Brent.  I’m not sure if I like this tactic, it really seems like it ruins the point, and I have to echo what others have said, in that I wonder if the producers are somehow going to make sure that can’t happen in future seasons.

Anyway, Abbie and Ryan left next, and they had the leg from hell.  They got stuck in Frankfurt again due to poor check in skills, they barely squeeked by Josh and Brent in the detour, only to find out that…Jaymes and James U-Turned them!  I was so happy when they decided to do that, and that Trey and Lexi took out A/R’s recourse.  It was fantastic.  And Ryan was such a sad sack through the entire leg, “Oh, woe is me, the airlines hate us, and the Chippendales cost us two million.”  Go whine into some cheese, ya narcissistic loser. And speaking of…

Josh and Brent nearly foiled the top three’s plan, in that Josh was almost willing to wait for Abbie and Ryan to finish the other detour before moving on.  Yes, it was about as ludicrous as you can imagine.  Luckily, Brent talked some sense into him, and so we have our top three all but locked up.

I think it’s going to be Jaymes and James, Natalie and Nadyia, and Trey and Lexi in the top three.  I really hope the boys can pull it off, but much crazier things have happened.  Just watch Brent and Josh win it all.

Finishing Order(Average Place)

1. Natalie/Nadyia(3.11)
2. Jaymes/James(4.22)
3. Trey/Lexi(3.56)
4. Josh/Brent(5.33)
5. Abbie/Ryan(2.78)-eliminated  

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