Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing Race: We Was Robbed(S21E8)

The To Be Continued from last week was finished out in the first few minutes.  Abbie and Ryan ended up waiting with Josh and Brent until the swimming pool closed, and then Josh and Brent helped Abbie finish the lock task that she was melting down on, and they all finished before James and Abba, who still have a lost passport.  They also have a non-elimination leg, so they get to run around Russia for another leg, knowing they are eliminated, and thus ruining the suspense for this entire episode.

Once we got into the leg proper, here’s how things went down:

Trey and Lexi had taxi troubles right away, and dropped behind James and Jaymes, and stayed behind them the rest of the leg.  Lexi worked with Ja(y)mes to figure out the timezone roadblock, and they did decently well at the dance task.  They only dropped one place, and managed to finish in second for this leg.

James and Jaymes ran a flawless leg, and even cracked me up with their assessment of how they usually see people: “used to not finding people there cause we’re last, not first.” That may be a paraphrase.  James kicked ass at the dance task with a bum ankle, and they were super stoked to come in first for their first time this race.

Natalie and Naydia weren’t terrible human beings for the second episode in a row, and even made me laugh with their “We were like hell no.  We would have been sooo screwed!” simultaneously while describing why they used their express pass for the timezone roadblock.  Oh, and when Nadiya (or possibly Natalie) completely ripped her dancing pants.  They didn’t move at all in this leg, and finished in third.

Abbie and Ryan had their super late start, but weren’t completely hateful for this leg.  Ryan took the timezone task, and was fully confident in his ability to get done with the task quickly.  26 tries later, he finally figured out the trick, and the snarky moderator was awesome again.  They kept their placement as well.

Josh and Brent actually rocked the timezone task, and then were adorably gay at the dinner party half of the roadblock(they passed on dancing).  It is almost too bad they are so gone next week, unless the previews aren’t a fakeout and Abbie and Ryan are gone.

James and Abba were screwed from go on this leg, and we didn’t even see them do any of the tasks, not to mention they didn’t ever reclaim their passport, so they are soooo gone.  “We was robbed,” indeed.

There were no surprises in the finishing order this week, and the elimination wasn’t in doubt from the getgo.

Finishing Order(Average Place)
1. James and Jaymes(4.50)
2. Trey and Lexi(3.63)
3. Natalie and Nadyia(3.38)
4. Abbie and Ryan(2.50)
5. Josh and Brent(5.50)
6. James and Abba(4.13)-eliminated

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