Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(11/19)

It’s Monday, so we have one show today:

How I Met Your Mother
I love this show, but the title is so misleading, it’s verging on ridiculous.  We had another week of development for our favorite couple and our favorite perv, but Ted got nothing beyond a realization he was an obnoxious douchnozzle in college.

So Marshall ran into an old college friend who was down on his luck, and told him he’d recommend the friend for a job in his firm.  The gang were not supportive, because Marshall is a Stamp Tramp, which is not to be confused with a Tramp Stamp.  One is something people can get very easily and can have terrible consequences, and the other is a tattoo.

So the friend is a total schmuck, and Marshall’s boss is not impressed with his recommending skills.  Marshall gets kicked off the big case, and runs to Lily with his tail between his legs.  She advises him to regain his boss’s trust by recommending little things like funny videos and tasty snacks, and then lie his ass off.  Marshall follows to a T, and gets back on the big case.  It’s too bad, then, that his down on his luck friend wasn’t really, and was using the interview to complete a little corporate espionage.  Marshall’s boss is SUPER pissed, and Marshall is fired if he doesn’t win the big case.  And this is how we get Marshall and Lily to their life we saw a million seasons ago.

Barney is all distressed because Quinn is back at her stripper place, which was Barney’s place, but now he can’t go back.  He’s a free agent, and all the stripper joints are courting him to come to their club.  He’s getting small time gifts, but Robin convinces him to that shit right.  Under her tutelage, Barney scores box seats, fur coats, and fax machines.   And Robin skims some off the top, because reasons.  Barney eventually settles on a new club, and he and Robin go out drinking to celebrate.  Of course, they kiss afterwards, but Robin runs, for reasons.

This was actually a pretty funny episode, at least in the first two acts.  It really dragged in the third act, but some of the character development was nice.  I did get a couple of funny lines:

Marshall, in denying he saw a hot dog mascot: “I’m not scared of him…and it’s totally normal to see a hot dog with a face.”
Marshall’s friend, after taking an application from the hot dog mascot: “Looks like I’m about to be…on a roll”
Lily and Ted, with an assist from Robin and Barney, as Ted makes a ‘surprising’ confession: “Take a sip, follow my lead.”  “I’m…*deep breath*…Dr. X.”  *Spit Take* “NOOO!”

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