Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Funny Stuff: Fox/ABC Tuesday(11/20)

Two more Thanksgiving episodes down, none to go, I think.  It was a really strong night, with one homage to the Godfather, and one hilarious dinner.  Let’s get right to…

Raising Hope

Apparently, the Chances live in Natesville, and it is famous for it’s radishes.  Everyone is at the Radish Festival, and we learn that there is a candy selling contest to win the prize of the Little Pilgrim on the We Love Radishes float in the parade.  Jimmy reveals that he actually won the contest once, and he and Sabrina decide they want Hope to win this year as an incentive to potty train.

Jimmy and Sabrina attempt to help Hope, but fail miserably, because the candy sucks.  It turns out when Jimmy won, Burt and Virginia melted down the chocolate, and had Maw Maw remake it better.  And by better, I mean bacon.  Because bacon, or bacon drippings in this instance, make everything  better.  The newly converted chocolate bars were like crack, and everyone in town wanted some, and so Jimmy won over Virginia’s coworker’s kid.

The whole family gets into the candy remanufacturing business, and they got right back into the illicit candy trade.  Barney, the auxiliary police chief of the Radish Festival is not impressed, and tries to get Jimmy to rat out his family as the makers.  Though honestly, I’m not really sure why he didn’t like it.  The candy was selling much better, and they get a lot of money for the festival.  But whatever.  It made for a fun little candy war with Virginia’s coworker, using an ice cream truck for a pusher.

In the end, Hope gets to be the Little Pilgrim, and it is super cute.

This was a fun, fluffy episode.  There were tons of funny moments, and I caught a few of them for you:

A TV Reporter, describing the Radish Festival: "…a place where small business afraid of the internet can advertise!"
Maw Maw, when the family found her in the pantry: "I was hoping the cabinet would transport me to a magical place where none of you existed."
Maw Maw, upon hearing they are getting back into the chocolate business: “Fire up the bunson burner.  We’re gonna drop some cocoa madness on those chumps.”
Virginia, when Sabrina attempts to eat a candy bar in the kitchen: “Bitch, you know we don’t get high on our own supply.”
Jimmy, when Barney tries to get him to snitch: “Snitches get stitches!”

Happy Endings

This was hilarious.  We finally got the ‘how the gang’ got together’ episode, and it was amazeballs. 

So it turns out, Max and Brad were on The Real World, but it didn’t air because one of the housemates burned the house down.  Max’s story revolved around how he was so excited that he would have been the first openly gay guy on TV, except for a bunch of people that Penny schooled him on.  When they finally got to that scene, Max had taken a gigantic bite of sandwich, and it sounded like he said “I’m Greg,” not gay, so Max got nothin.

Brad was all excited to see the first time he met Jane, but his younger self was NOT impressed with her controlling nature.  In the present day, Jane was pissed, and gave Brad the silent treatment.  That is, until her scene came up: She had been going to hook up with another housemate when she drunkenly stumbled into Brad’s room.  Brad wasn’t impressed with THAT, but they made up with the realization that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes mistakes can be wonderful, like Slinkies.

Penny spent her time unintentionally freaking Alex out by asking why Dave hadn’t moved all his stuff in yet.  They still have a cobbled together dining room set with a sex swing as the head of the table chair.  Then Penny feels all guilty because she’s worried that she’s subconsciously sabotaging the Alex/Dave relationship due to her feelings for him.

And Dave was a douche the end.

I love these kind of shows, even if it doesn’t really make sense in the continuity, but I think the writers covered most of their bases here.  There were so many funny lines I couldn’t possibly catch them all, but I did get a few:

Alex, during a fun fact round table: “I have a fun fact!  Our ancestors, the Serbian people, were celebrating thanksgiving too!  They were thanking God for sparing them from the wolves while giving each other the plague!  That wasn’t fun, was it?”
Brad, after his first interaction with Jane: “Kerkovich? More like Kerkobitch!”
Max, when Penny asks if she’s overthinking: “It’s just a figment of your little tiny girl brain.”
Alex, after Penny tried to explain away her crazy behavior: “I am so…TIRED of people using Vanilla Sky to defend everything!”

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