Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing Race: Get Your Sexy On(S21E6)

Oh, how I normally loath football, except for today.  I was 45 minutes late getting home, and thought I was going to miss the show, but it started just as I walked in the door, yay!  This week, we had a major controversy, so lets jump right in to see who it affected!

James and Abba left first, at 8:30 am, and went to the travel agency, where they were the victims of the controversy.  They unintentionally left their money on the counter unattended, and another team swiped it after they walked away.  But which team?  Read on to find out who.  In other J/A news, one of them still has knee issues, but they powered through and actually kept their lead for a bit, before falling back near the end.  This team is really growing on me, I’m hoping they last through the end, and are on track to do so.

Abbie and Ryan are jerks, and I hate them.  Of the six other teams still in the race, they hate three of them for sure, and probably the other ones as well.  The only reason we didn’t hear about it is those teams weren’t in viewing distance of A/R. 

Natalie and Nadiya are officially on my shit list.  They stole the rockers money, and then gloated about it afterward.  They even shared the money with Trey and Lexi to split the guilt, so obviously they knew it was wrong, but they kept it, and laughed.  I used to love them, but I don’t know if I can anymore.  Their only redeeming quality is that they irritate the hell out of A/R, so I don’t hate them entirely, just mostly.

Rob and Kelly were tres obnoxious this week, with Rob going on and on about how they aren’t sheep, and they do their own thing, and blah blah blah.  If you are going to go that route, you should probably be good at the game, like J/A.  Instead, they get eliminated, and I am not sad.

Trey and Lexi are still basically a non-entity.  My esteem of them is much lower now do to the money thing, but they rocked the sherbert roadblock, and finally managed to come in first, not that anyone cares.

Jaymes and James were super cute and adorable as usual.  In the bath detour, they looked to be enjoying themselves, and they were having a great time at the sherbert roadblock as well.  But the greatest piece was when they were racing in a cab: One of them points to a general area near the bottom of the screen,“ just look at the bottom of the screen, cause we ain’t got clue what place we’re in.”  True superfans, there.

Josh and Brent actually impressed me this week when they took control of their own destiny.  Brent, when the traffic was stopped, got out of their cab and started directing traffic rather impressively.  And then they went to the wrong ice cream stand for their speedbump.  They are not long for this race, methinks.

So, atrocious behavior, but a fun leg with interesting tasks.  The finishing order was changed a bit, and the previews look sufficiently enticing for next week.  Let’s check out the order, shall we?    

Finishing order(Average Place):
1. Trey and Lexi(5.00)
2. Abbie and Ryan(2.00)
3. James and Abba(3.50)
4. Natalie and Nadiya(3.50)
5. James and Jaymes(5.00)
6. Josh and Brent(5.67)
7. Rob and Kelly(6.00)-eliminated

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