Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glee: The Role You Were Born to Play(S4E5)

And we’re finally back after a three week hiatus.

So, where were we?  Finn’s emo cause he’s a loser, Blaine and Kurt broke up beucase Blaine cheated, and we have new people that are exactly the same as the old people. 

Let’s start with Blaine. He’s also emo due to the aforementioned cheating and breakup, and shows us by singing Hopelessly Devoted, and then running off stage bawling his eyes out.  And he was never heard from again.

Finn’s still emo too, but Artie convinces him to help direct the fall musical, Grease.  He’s even called in backup in the form of Mike and Mercedes, so you know he’s serious.  They hold auditions, and every character we’ve seen this year, and a few we haven’t, including one not even in glee club, tries out.

Finn finds a new student to ‘mentor’ named Ryder, and apparently, he was on So You Think You Can Glee, or whatever it’s called.  And with him, our faux group is completely rounded out, as he will take the part formerly known as Finn.

Anyway, he and Marley really hit it off, but fauxPuck and fauxQuinn are not impressed.  All four try out for Danny and Sandy, and all four are called back to do the hand jive.  FauxPuck and fauxQuinn mess up badly, so we get Marley and Ryder in the leads.

Unique wants to try out for Rizzo, and that puts Sue into a tizzy.  It’s so fun when they write her character to service the plot instead of how she’d actually act.  She has several pretty funny rants(Uretha Franklin!), but it doesn’t change Finn’s mind at all, and we have a guy playing the part of the girl with the pregnancy scare.

The rest of the cast had very little to do, some with a passable excuse(Tina not wanting to see Mike at all after their breakup), some with no excuse(Sugar, Dreads, and Brittany, who didn’t show up at all), and some who were there, but did nothing(Sam, and Blaine after his breakdown).  What it al amounts to is we have a cast full of glee clubbers, and fauxQuinn cause of course.

In non-student news, Shue and Emma are fighting, and have, for some reason, decided Coach Beistie would be the best person to help them out.  Emma doesn’t want to go to Washington, Will wants her to come, they fight, talk it out, and Emma’s staying for reasons.  All this to get Finn to stay in town and lead the glee club while Shue is out so Matthew Morrison can do movie or whatever.

This was kind of a boring episode.  The songs were not good, the plot was really non-existent, and all the new people are soooo boring, it verges on ridiculous.

I do have a song list for you, though:

Hopelessly Devoted to You” as sung by Blaine
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” as sung by Unique and Marley
Jukebox Hero” as sung by Finn and Ryder
Everybody Talks” as sung by fauxPuck and fauxQuinn
Born to Handjive” as sung by Mercedes, fauxPuck, Marley, fauxQuinn, Ryder, and Mike

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