Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC Wednesday(11/7)

This was kind of a lackluster night, filled with filler.  We started with…

The Middle

There really wasn’t a whole lot going on in this episode, beyond following sitcom clich├ęs and tropes.

Frankie started Dental Assistant school, and her teacher is a real hardass.  Frankie is consistently late, and attempts to suck up, horribly.  Then, she has to study for a test, and does poorly at that, too.  In taking the test, she suffers through, and then pulls up her sleeve to reveal notes on her arm, written there when she was studying with Axl, and accidentally took Tylenol PM with him, drugging them both.  She ended her thing with a mediocre motivational speech, basically saying she’s a quitter, but not today.  Tomorrow, maybe, but not today.

Mike’s story consisted of him walking around the house, bemoaning the fact that it was falling apart, and they had even less money than normal due to Frankie’s tuition.

Axl’s story was him getting a tutor, and the tutor being cute, and him liking her. It was about as boring and pedestrian as you can imagine.

Sue and Brick went garage saleing, and found a doo-dad that was worth a bit of money, so they sold it to a pawn shop, and bought a safe with their earnings, under the assumption that there was something awesome in the safe.  When they opened the safe, they found a car rental receipt for Gerald Ford.  Except, on closer look, it was for Gerard Furd.  So that was it for them, until they came across another garage sale.

Basically, this was a total filler episode, and a rather boring one at that.  I only managed to find one funny line:

Sue, four days after an angry Axl switches her shampoo for maple syrup: “Bright side: it smells pretty nice!...except, bees chase me.”


This was another incredibly boring episode.  Complete filler, and strange subplot.

We started with George and Dallas, who are still dating, and go on a retread of last week’s episode: Dallas is weird, and George wants her to be herself.  This time, it has to do with their sex life, and Dallas trying to boost George’s confidence.  And in the end, they get normal, except it turns out George like a bit of confidence boosting, so they keep the giant foam #1 finger.

Daliah actually had a substantive plot tonight, in that she dumps her K’s because her dad is getting married to a Singaporian, and Daliah’s going to be her best friend, and maid of honor.  Until!  Her dad elopes, and Daliah is devastated.  So. Not as substantive written out, but there was a lot during the episode.

Lisa even got a cute little thing, though slightly odd.  Tessa herded the lost K’s to Lisa, and she sits them like puppies.  It was cuter than it sounds.

Tessa got the shaft this week, in that she was a supporting player in all the plots, master of none. 

This was another filler episode, and there was literally no plot movement, save for a weird moment at the end where Daliah is converting to Judaism, maybe?  It was very odd, and clearly just a set up for a joke in the next couple of weeks.

I did get a couple of funny lines:

Dallas’s gospel choir, pre-coitus: “Fess up, pot roast man!”
Daliah, as she talks to a nerdy boy when he asks her to assist in his magic act: “How bout I make you disappear, loser.”  *click* “ta da.”  *clapclapclap*

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