Monday, November 12, 2012

Amazing Race: Off To See the Wizard(S21E7)

Ahh, the dreaded to be continued.  Half the teams finished, and half the teams failed miserably.  Let’s get right into who.

Trey and Lexi ran a fantastic leg to hold on to their (now massive) lead.  They managed to decipher the Cyrillic alphabet to finish the Russian library challenge, and blew through the tree of love locks without even breaking a sweat.

Abbie and Ryan finally got what was coming to them, even if they did finally find a team they didn’t despise.  Despite leaving second, they decided that they were going to take a gamble on a one hour layover, and got screwed right along with the Beekman boys.  Their flight the Frankfurt was delayed, and they missed their flight to Moscow, and had to wait until 3pm the next day to get in.  Unfortunately for them, the rest of the teams (sans Beekmans) got in early that morning, so the majority of the footage we got from them was waiting in the airport.  Ha.

James and Abba were running just fine, in the middle of the pack, until disaster struck.  Their cab took off with their stuff…including their passports.  And we all know what happens when we lose our passports, right Zev?!?  They finished the leg, but Phil didn’t check them in, and that’s when the hit the TBC.

Natalie and Nadyia are still losing points with me.  They consistently called each other names, and then compared themselves to a fighting married couple, which, eww.  They managed to finish the leg in third, so we’ll see them next week, where they hopefully manage to not annoy the hell out of me.

James and Jaymes didn’t have much screentime this week, but they did well, checking in in second place, so not bad for them.

Josh and Brent got in the unfortunate position of being stuck in Frankfurt with A/R.  They made some sort of pact and everything, so they’ll both come in last but at the same time, or something?  I don’t know, it was very strange. 

Unfortunately for us, we don’t even get to see how the last three teams end up, so J/A, A/R, and J/B are still chilling on the leg.  The placing will have to wait until next week, so see you then!

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