Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glee: Gleese(S4E6)

This episode was ridiculous.  The fall musical episodes are always so random, but this one kind of took the cake.  Angst, bulimia, discrimination, cheating, we got it all!

To start, Shue officially tells the club that he is leaving, and giving Finn leadership of the club.  Tina leads the charge in outrage, and the rest join in almost immediately, which was hilarious.  Even Sue gets in on the outrage train, and drags the two of them all the way to Figgins, who has already given his permission, so Sue has nothing but a grudge.  And one character’s season arc is set.

Marley and FauxQuinn continue their antagonistic relationship, starting with the costumes.  FauxQuinn is bringing in the waists of Marley’s outfits, making her think she’s getting fat like her mother.  It continues with a sleepover at FauxQuinn’s house that is only a pretense to sing Sandra Dee in real mockery of Marley.  Oh, and FauxQuinn tries to get Marley to be bulimic for reasons.  Of course, before she actually gets to that point, FauxFinn saves the day not once, not twice, but three times, telling Marley she’s beautiful and making her laugh with poop jokes.  And three other arcs click into place.

Unique was all angsty today, mainly because Sue’s vendetta extends to all the arts again.  She tells his parents of the plan for Unique to play Rizzo, and they are not impressed.  Apparently, Chicago is much different than Lima, and you can be yourself there, but not in Lima, because reasons.  So Unique isn’t Rizzo anymore, causing Finn to call in the cavalry: Santana.  Brittany is super stoked, but they aren’t going to be getting back together anytime soon.  Mike and Tina, on the other hand?  Could be.  It was kind of ambiguous. 

Oh, and in stories no one cares about, Rachel has her first off Broadway audition, and asked her little boy-toy Brody to help her rehearse.  However, Kurt wants to go see Grease, and convinces Rachel to go with him, completely blowing off Brody in the process.  They angst all over McKinley until they run into their respective exes.  Kurt basically yells at Blaine and walks out, rendering his whole purported reason for coming completely moot. Rachel has a dream sequence to ‘You’re the One That I Want’ with her and Finn, and then calls Brody for reasons, but surprise!

Kate Hudson answers the phone!  Snerk.  She was all pissy that Rachel was an entitled snot, and decided to get back at her by bedding Brody, which took her all of a day.  Rachel hangs up, crying, and immediately runs into Finn, who gets all introspective of the many cries of Rachel.  They decide that they should talk ever again, and the world breathed a sigh of relief. 

Finally, the show gets a good review, and Shue finally FINALLY exits stage right.  Next week?  Superheroes, because of course.  And also?  A new show on Thanksgiving?  Harsh, FOX.


Greased Lighting as sung by fauxFinn, Sam, Dreads, fauxPuck, Mike, Artie, and Finn
Sandra Dee as sung by fauxQuinn, Sugar, Tina, Unique, and Brittany
Beauty school dropout as sung by Blaine
Sandra Dee reprise as sung by Marley
There are worse things I could do as sung by Santana, Kate Hudson, and Unique
You’re the one that I want as sung by fauxFinn, Marley, and chorus(with Rachel/Finn dream sequence)

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