Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Funny Stuff: Fox Tuesday (11/27)

Tonight, DWTS overtook the 8 o’clock hour, so we only get:

Raising Hope

The plot this week was not terribly strong.

Jimmy and Sabrina run into Sabrina’s ex, Wyatt, and she and he get into a massive pissing contest which ends with Jimmy volunteered to race in a 1k charity walk to regain Sabrina’s honor, and her ice cream maker.  Sabrina is fully convinced any gift she gives while in a relationship only stays a gift as long as the relationship continues, which is her motivation for demanding the ice cream maker back from Wyatt.  Jimmy knows she’s wrong, but Burt gives him the advice to just go along with what she says.  He does, but during the race, he realizes that Wyatt probably needs the win more than Sabrina does, and so Jimmy throws the race.  But he makes up for it by getting Sabrina another ice cream maker.

Burt and Virginia are feeling old, and so try to make themselves younger by buying new clothes and saying ‘totes.’  They eventually realize it’s okay to be old because they’ll be doing it together. D’awww.

What this episode lacked in plot, it definitely made up for in funny. From drive-by shrimping to hair dye in the eye, the physical comedy was great.  The running gag through the show was A.B.S, which stands for angry bowel syndrome, which was used to great effect when Jimmy revealed he had it as a kid, and used it again when his parents were putting him in the middle of their arguments.  I really think this show would so well with another family comedy, one that doesn’t have characters that clearly hate each other(*cough*Ben and Kate*cough*). 

I got several funny lines, as well.

Barney, after spouting off several inadvertent poop jokes: “Ricardo, could you please stop pinching that loaf?”
Maw Maw, when Sabrina described her breakup with Wyatt and subsequent hookup with Jimmy: “In my day, they called women like that whores…but it never bothered me.”
Virginia, after the table chef flipped a shrimp to Sabrina instead of her: “What kind of man shrimp-teases a girl like that?”
Virginia and Burt, when both are hurting after a long day: “I’m not getting on top!”  “Well, I’m not getting on top!” “JIMMY!”
Virginia: “You’re right, if those 40 year old on Glee can act like teenagers, so can we!”

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