Sunday, November 11, 2012

SNL:Anne Hathaway/Rihanna

This seemed like a really strong episode, I was laughing through a bunch of the sketches, including ones I would normally think I wouldn’t like.  Of course, it helps that Anne Hathaway is an incredibly enthusiastic host, and did a great job on her third go at it.

Let’s get right into…

The Good

Cold Open:Mitt Romney(7)-Normally, I don’t like their Republican-based political sketches, but this wasn’t making fun of political beliefs, this was poking fun at mannerisms and things, and was actually very funny.  I about died on this line, where Mitt’s son is telling him about the goings on inside: “Paul Ryan’s doing feats of strength in the library, Mom thought you’d like to see!” “Yeah, well I’d like to see him carry Wisconsin!”

Monolouge(8)-Anne’s little happy dance at her third hosting gig was just the tip of the musical iceberg that was this monologue, and it was great.  The content was funny, Jason’s puffy shirt was funny, and the intricacy was great.  It was a fun open, just in general, and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Interrogation(7)-I didn’t really get what this was referring to while it was on, but apparently, it’s a Homeland reference.  Even though I didn’t get it, I was laughing, though, which is the sign of a good sketch, in my book.

Weekend Update: Headlines(9)-There was only one clunker in the headlines tonight, and the score shows it.  This was really strong, and I was so glad there weren’t too many jokes about the election, cause that just puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the show.

American Gothic(7)-This was such a strange premise, but the enthusiasm Anne had in as the model for the famous painting was infectious.  It did go on slightly too long, but all in all, it was pretty strong.

The Meh

Girlfriends(6)-I feel like this could have been a much stronger sketch with a different player in the lead.  Cecily kind of annoys me, and while I can’t put my finger on why, the lingering put-offishness is still there.  She was so squinty, and yelly, this sketch just didn’t do what it probably could have.  The jokes were there, there was just an issue with delivery.

Mokiki(6)-This was the faux digital short of the week.  It was…odd.  There was strange dancing, and zombie things, and throwup humor.  I could see where the funny was, and did get a kick out of the random people dancing along ala Matt, but it was almost too weird for me.

McDonalds(6)-This sketch had the perennial SNL problem:it was way too long.  The insults were great, especially on this exchange: “That leg looks like a cheese doodle, what’d you do, get burned?” “Yes,” says the dour-faced staff. 

Weekend Update: Segments(5)-The Barack Obama was pretty terrible with the exception of “mainly, that this is a terrible job, and I hate it.” The two gay Mainers was incredibly obnoxious, and made me want to throw things.  But then, my new favorite WU segment, Drunk Uncle started, and I was dying the whole time.  I could just quote the whole thing, but I’ll just post it instead.  Oh, and “I have an app for every time Linda makes meatloaf…it’s called Angry Turds.”

Ellen(6)-There were a couple of fun things in here (“I am already seated, just let me sit!”), but the impression was pretty terrible, and was utterly distracting from this overly long sketch.

Commercial:Flaritin(6)-This was kind of meh.  The idea was solid but the execution was not great.

The Bad

Nothing bad tonight, yay!

The Rest

What was up with Rihanna’s 90’s background for her first song?   That was just strange, and I did not understand it.  I don’t particularly like her songs, so her performance was kind of meh, nothing really memorable besides the background.

So this really was a strong show, it came out with an incredible 6.60 score.  Let’s see how it stacks up.

1. 11/10 Anne Hathaway/Rihanna(6.60)
2. 11/3 Louis CK/fun. (5.89)
3. 9/22 Joseph Gordon Levitt/Mumford & Sons (5.71)
4. 9/15 Seth McFarlane/Frank Ocean (5.38)
5. 10/13 Christina Applegate/Passion Pit (5.09)
6. 10/20 Bruno Mars (5)
7. 10/6 Daniel Craig/Muse (4)

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