Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glee: Dynamic Duos (S4E7)

So for some reason, Fox decided it would be a good idea to play a new episode on Thanksgiving, and since I actually do things on Thanksgiving, I didn’t catch this until a couple of days later. 

The overarching theme of this episode was superheroes.    Everyone dressed up as one, and it was possibly the stupidest framing device this show has ever used.  It came basically out of nowhere, and for some reason, every single person in Glee club was in the Secret Society of Stuporheroes, as I decided to call it.

Starting out with Blaine, he’s been feeling like a terrible person since his little tryst, and doesn’t know what to do with himself.  That is, until the national trophy has gone missing, replaced with a laptop.  If it were me, I’d keep the laptop, seems like a good trade to me.  But no, Blaine uses his super detective skills to deduce that the boy with the blurred face in the video on the laptop is from Dalton, because who else would just leave a laptop?  Of course, the Dalton blazer, or the choir room background gave no good clues as to who could have done the deed.  Snerk.

Blaine decides to take a trip to Dalton to retrieve the trophy, and the new captain tries to entice him into returning by starting an impromptu song, which Blaine joins in with, of course.  This leads him to decide he needs to martyr himself to assuage his guilt, and he decides to go back to Dalton to finish off his senior year.  Both Finn and Sam try to stop him, and Sam is successful due to showing Blaine that McKinley kids are super nice or something, as they do a day of volunteering, and Blaine decides to stay at McKinley, after getting the trophy back with Sam in tow, of course.

In the pointless Finn story, he feels like he isn’t going to be a good advisor, and after a disastrous attempt to define the sectionals theme (‘Foreigner’—they’d sing Foreigner songs in foreign languages while dressed in foreign clothes), he seeks council from Coach Bestie, who is dressed up as a superhero as well, for Reasons.  She tells him to get his own costume, and be the superman she knows he can be.

He decides to make the theme Dynamic Duets, which leads into our new character stories.

FPuck and FFinn(“the ‘F’ stands for faux!”) fight over Marley, and and Finn uses this as an excuse to pair them in the duets, and he pairs FQuinn with Marley as well.  FQuinn and Marley spar a bit, and FQuinn continues her campaign to make Marley bulimic, but then tells Marley she’s rockin’ her spandex superhero outfit.  It was odd.  Anyway, they do their song, and their plot is done.

FPuck and FFinn do their duet, and get in a giant fight.  Real Finn breaks them up, and tells them they have to tell each other their deepest secret.  FPuck tells how he feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere, what with being black, Mexican, and Jewish.  FFinn is kind of a jerk, but don’t worry!  It’s all better cause he can’t read!  FPuck tells Real Finn, who gets FFinn tested, and it turns out he has Dyslexia, of course.

Real Finn tells FFinn that it seems like FPuck really has his back, and so when FPuck nearly gets into a fight when bullies tease Marley’s mom, FFinn magically shows up with his posse of stuporheroes and scares off the three huge guys with the power of bitchy-bee Becky.

Oh, and Marley and FFinn have a date, but he blows it off to go see a dyslexia doctor, so FQuinn pushes her to ask FPuck out to cause strife, and Marley totally does, cause she’s dumb.

This episode felt totally pointless, because you know none of the songs they did will be included in sectionals, and there was literally no character movement.  Hopefully next week actually is sectionals, so the plot can move forward even one small iota.


Dark Side” as sung by Blaine with the Warblers
Superman” as sung by FFinn and Fpuck
Holding out for a hero” as sung by Marley and FQuinn
Heroes” as sung by Sam and Blaine
Some Nights” as sung by everyone

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