Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(11/12)

CBS Mondays can only mean one thing…

How I Met Your Mother
This whole episode was about sex, and who’s not having it.

Robin isn’t because Nick has a groin injury.  And in this lack of sex, she realizes he is dumb.  Like, REALY dumb.  Like, how did this man get to be 30 years old without killing himself dumb.  After Robin figures it out, the rest of the gang confirms her suspicion, and convince her to break up with him.  After a couple of false starts, and a threat of BFF time with Patrice from Barney, she finally brings him to Splitsville.  Which serves amazing banana spilts, of course.  After a bad news phone call, Robin can’t bear to actually break up with him, so Barney comes to the rescue with an amazingly heartfelt speech about how he loves Robin, which he almost immediately recants.  Clearly, though there is something there which is gonna lead to the wedding, hopefully at the end of the season.

Lily and Marshall aren’t because of Marvin.  So Lily is sex-crazed, and Marshall an exercise hound.  And that about concluded their storyline.

Ted wasn’t cause he’s a huge nerd, and his T Squares basketball team sucks so hard core.  But we got no movement on finding his mother, and seriously, Ted?  Why are you telling your children this story about sex?   
That’s probably the second most inappropriate thing I’ve heard today.  And no, you don’t want to know the first.

Ok, fine, click at your own risk.

This was a pretty funny episode, even if we didn’t get too much plot movement.  I got a couple funny lines, too.

Marshall, describing Nick: “Is Nick a genius? No. Is he of average intelligence? No.”
Marshall, giving his team a peptalk, regarding the gift card prize for the winner of the tournament: “And that check will be marginally less expensive!”

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