Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Funny Stuff: Fox/ABC Tuesday(11/13)

Tonight, we had one decent episode, and one great episode.  See which is which below!

Raising Hope

This was a cute episode.  A little light on laughs, but the family bonding was fun.

Jimmy is terribly concerned how lazy his parents are, when he finds Hope in a tire swing in the living room.  He goes to take her outside to the park, but it is hella hot and muggy, and suddenly, Jimmy gets it.

Burt and Virginia play with the tire swing sans Hope, and manage to knock a picture off the mantle.  When Jimmy picks it up, he discovers the picture of him was folded up and had several other people on the other quarters.  After a couple of lies as to who the other people are, Virginia blurts out that, dun dun duuun!  Jimmy’s adopted.

But not in the way you think.  Which is a good thing, cause I distinctly remember flashbacks of Virginia being pregnant and maybe even giving birth.

Anyway, they decided to give Jimmy up for adoption after he seriously cut into their leisure time, but after they lost their ‘we didn’t do our homework’ excuse, got him back after three weeks.

Jimmy, after hearing the story, got obsessed with Brad, his ‘almost brother.’  With Sabrina’s help, he locates him as a realtor in a neighboring city.  They fake interest in selling Sabrina’s grandmother’s house to get him out, and Jimmy fanboys all over the poor guy, fawning over him like some sort of preteen seeing One Direction.

In seeing the success of Brad, Jimmy decides his failure, and Brad’s success was due to the parents, and both Jimmy and his parents decide visit Brad and his family at the country club Brad belongs to.

Oh, and they decide to make up fake identities to get into the club, and Brad and his parents have no idea that Jimmy is the boy they adopted for three weeks.

After a bunch of back and forth, Jimmy is fairly convinced he would have been much better off with Brad and his parents…until they go off on a racist tirade, of course.  Because of course they are. 

Anyway, the Chances decide to be a little less lazy, and go outside and whatnot, because they never when out in previous episodes ever.

It was nice to see a bit of an attempt to grow as parents, but it seems like they pulled a random bad parenting idea out of a hat, one that wasn’t substantiated in previous episodes, just to service the plot.

Like I said, it was cute episode, but really lacking on the laughs…but I did find one:

Brad, as he is lifting a couch, and Jimmy checks out his right, then left, arm muscle: “Might help if you grab the other side…of the couch!

Happy Endings

I was rolling for this episode.  So much funny, I definitely didn’t catch it all.

Brad and Max, with the help of Penny, become Bar Mitzvah Hype Men, and DJ one together before the inevitable fight over moves leading to Brad taking a gig behind Max’s back.  But he sit com standard is made new with Max’s “Betrayal” delivery, and the music video at the end.  This plot was great, and I was rolling the whole time.

Alex and Dave are still dating, but have started to fall into the same ruts they were in before, which mainly involved being boring and gross.  But we get Jane to the rescue, and she helps them kickstart their romantic side again, also with hilarious results.  Paint is thrown, tasers are discharged, and pratfalls are everywhere you look.  It was great.

Like I said, this episode was hilarious, I managed to get a few of the funny lines, but my poor fingers just don’t go fast enough to catch everything.  I did get a few though:

Max, at his job as a funeral seat filler: “Oh Kevin…Kevinkevinkevin…”*taptaptap* “Oh Devin…Devindevindevin”
Brad, during a roleplaying game with Jane: “I’m writing down your vag number!”
Max, describing the hours needed to be a Bar Mitzvah Hype Man: “Early mornings, late nights, on time afternoons.”
Dave, asking Alex which puzzle she wanted to do, Amish country: “Or Mt. Rushmore, which is…one piece, I bought a place mat.”
Alex, after being taken down and arrested at the airport: “But I’m being whisked away! On Love airlines! Ooooh, I get it…”

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