Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parenthood: Together(S4E7)

This episode was kind of meh.  There was a bit of plot movement, but the bulk of it was character stuff, and a lot of people acting terribly for no good reason.

Adam and Kristina were dealing with the chemo thing.  Adam was attempting to help Kristina with the housework and stuff, and she was not very appreciative.  I realize that she is going through a lot, but her entire arc this episode was ‘quit helping me, I’m gonna mope cause my Mom doesn’t love me like I want her to.’  Totally valid feelings?  Probably.  Is it something I want to watch for an hour?  Not so much. 

Camille came over to help, and Kristina even snapped at her, but she brought her a hand-me-down chemo quilt, and everything was all better. 

Even Crosby noticed how stressed Adam was, and offered to take him to a bar, Crosby’s treat.  Adam was amusingly surprised, but then acted like a giant douche at the bar.  It was almost like they didn’t think we’d believe them with the multiple show and tells, and so had to throw the anvils of angst at our heads for the entire bar scene. 

In less angsty stories, Amber and Ryan the vet are still seeing each other, and it was super cute to start.  They were minigolfing, and he did the patented over-the-shoulder ‘let me help’ move, which lead to uncomfortable looking kissing.  Ryan stopped it there with a ‘let’s go slow’ insistence.  Of course, this lead right to apartment love making, because reasons.  We then see a couple of scenes of Ryan taking pills, and staring contemplatively out the window at 3am because ANVILS again.  Zeek even gets into the picture, after a Gilmoregirls-esque scene with Sarah and Amber, where Sarah finds out Amber had Ryan over.  She spills the beans to Zeek, and he is concerned about the possibility of a Amber/Ryan pairing, due to the aforementioned pills, and war thing, even though it is really none of his business whatsoever.

Oh, and in people being terrible news, Drew took a cancer carebasket(with permission, luckily) to his ex in hopes of getting back together.  When he got cockblocked by her new boyfriend, he pulled out the big guns, and told her about how hard his life is now, what with the cancer and the moving and the blah blah blah he wants to get in her pants by any means necessary cakes.  And amazingly enough, she totally falls for it.  It was basically the most squicky thing in this episode.

Lastly, we had Julia and Joel, who are still struggling with Viktor, and his lack of socializing skills.  Instead of setting up playdates with people in their own neighborhood, Julia decides it would be a fantastic idea to go to the ghetto and get one of Viktor’s old friends.  Viktor and his friend play, and are all happy, and it convinces Julia she should learn Spanish because of course she would.

This episode was really a mixed bag for me.  The character study nature of it was interesting, but I feel like they were making several of the characters terrible people cause they can.  I’m really hoping for redemption for Drew, at least, because what he did was really reprehensible, and I am not impressed.  Though, I guess he’s pretty much a non-entity anyway, so maybe it’ll be okay if they make someone less than perfect on this show.

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