Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Funny Stuff: CBS Monday(11/5)

This’ll be short and sweet, seeing as it’s Monday, and all we have is…

How I Met Your Mother

This episode did a good job of intertwining the plots, so this may be a bit jumbled today.
Barney found a dog, and that dog was a great wingman.  The girls loved him, and he didn’t complain or anything.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshal have to have a talk with Ted: Victoria is dropping massive hints about moving forward, and Ted is oblivious.  Lily has taken Marshal as an apprentice busybody, and he and Lily are hitting on all cylinders tonight, from synchronized lessons to their patented over-the-head highfive.

Anyway, they convince Ted to propose, and he does, but Victoria drops a bombshell: Ted needs to not be friends with Robin if they are going to get married.

Ted spends the rest of the episode antagonizing over this decision, while Barney dresses his dog in a suit.   It’s about as adorable as it sounds.  Then, Barney gets a phone call while he is visiting Robin and Nick for dinner: his dog’s owner has turned up, and wants the dog back. 

Robin comforts Barney, and they go to return the dog, where Robin helps Barney hook up with dog’s owner, and suddenly their getting back together is increasingly closer.

And back to the unsurprising things, Ted breaks up with Victoria, because of course.  It’s not like it wasn’t foreshadowed a million years ago, so the previous 6 episodes were pointless or anything.

To end, I have a couple of funny lines for you
Lily, to Ted, after he accuses them of only inviting Victoria and him over to judge them: “Oh, grow up Ted, that’s why any couple invites anyone over ever.”
Nick’s backup singers, after he hops on his moped during his cooking show opener: “Nick! The bad boy chef!”

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