Friday, November 9, 2012

The Funny Stuff:NBC Thursday(11/8)

Apparently, NBC thought that The Voice was more important than the normal seven o’clock shows, so we only get two tonight, starting with…

The Office

This was a worthless episode.  All it did was get Andy out of the office for a few episodes due to Ed Helms’s movie commitments, and make a douche out of just about everyone.

Starting with…

Jim, who was a complete and utter ass for no reason.  A radio program wanted to interview a local business, and for some reason, decided Dunder Mifflin would be the best one to go to.  Dwight declared he was going to be the on-air talent, but then the radio station called back, and cancelled for reasons.  Unfortunately for Dwight, Nelly was the one that was told, and she and Jim conspired to make Dwight humiliate himself.  First they had him take off all his clothes do to ‘feedback,’ then they made him think he destroyed the company by saying the paper is toxic.  He eventually called a supposedly despondent David Wallace, who had no idea, and then the interview ended, and Dwight was none the wiser at any point.  It was so mean-spirited, it was beyond ridiculous.

Oscar is still insisting on this stupid affair plot, and Kevin knows now, and he’s a moron, so it’s not going to end well.  I really don’t understand the character assassination that is going on this season, it’s like the writers want us to hate everyone on the show.

Including Andy, who is still in the midst of sorting out his family business after his dad stole all the money and fled to some foreign country.  He decided to sell the yacht, and he and Erin went out to it for one last day of memories.  So of course, after they got there, Andy’s brother was there, and Andy decided to sail the thing to the buyer in the Bahamas by himself, leaving Erin on the dock all emo, since she would have loved to take the three week vacation too, but Andy didn’t even think of it.  Dumb.

There were a couple of funny lines:

Andy, talking about his exceptional handling of his family emergency: “I wish my dad could see me now…of course, he caused this whole mess, so eff him.”
Andy, reminiscing about his family boat: “Got the memories, don’t need the boat, what are you gonna do, cry about it? Gruunngh” *runs off camera*
Parks and Rec

So cute, for sure.  This show actually knows how to make characters likable, which gives it a huge advantage over it’s leadin.

Starting with Leslie and Ben, they are having their engagement party, and Ben’s parents are coming in.  I forgot that Ben is from Minnesota, so there was a cute thing about what small talk topics to use: hockey, skiing, sailing, not the Packers, not Iowa, and after they’ve had a few, put on a Prince album.  It’s funny cause it’s true!  Turns out though, Ben’s parents are crazy, and they hate each other.  The bulk of the story is them being all passive aggressive toward one another, and it is glorious.  Leslie attempts to bring everyone together with a unity quilt, but Ben’s parents ruin that too.  They finally manage to rein in his parents, and get them to be civil to each other.

Chris is terribly emotional, but Andy and April help him by being their normal awesome selves.

Finally, Tom is trying to get Ron to invest in his newest business idea, Rent-a-swag, with Jean Ralphio’s help, of course.  There are some fantastic stream of consciousness lines by JR, as the cool kids call him, including one name-dropping Salute Your Shorts(word), but they go so fast I couldn’t even catch them on my second viewing.  Anyway, JR is an immature tool, Tom drops him as a business partner, and Ron agrees to fund the startup with his gold investments, because of course Ron invested in gold, is anyone surprised?

There were so many funny lines, I tried to limit myself.  Here they are!

Chris and Andy to the bullpen, after Beslie told Chris last, but he was under the assumption they told him first: “Leslie and Ben are engaged!” “Again?!?” *big hug* “You guys!”
Andy and April, after Tom and JR preview their terribad presentation for critiques: “Awesome, I love it.” “No, it’s terrible.”  “I love you babe, you’re so smart.”
Andy and April, giving alternating good and bad things to even out Chris: “Dave Matthews Band.”  “Dave Matthews Band.”

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