Friday, November 2, 2012

The Funny Stuff: ABC/NBC Wednesday

I have been a slacker.  Normally, I like to get these reviews up the next day, but I wasn’t even aware 30 Rock was on Wednesday this week until about an hour before handball yesterday, so you all get your recaps today!

Let’s go!


So, Noah needed a babysitter, due to his taking Carmen, his nanny, to Carmen, the musical.  He and George were discussing who should do it, and Tessa volunteered her (wholly unwanted) services, and Noah reluctantly agreed to let her.

There were storms, and security failures, and creepy repairmen with ‘strangler’ in their business name, and Tessa was understandably freaking out.  She ended up calling Lisa, who was having issues of her own.

Since her parents blackmailed her into not telling Ryan he was adopted, Lisa has been super nice to him, and dim bulb Ryan is starting to figure out something may be up.  He tells Lisa to help him hook up with Tessa, and she agrees due to the aforementioned ‘nice’ thing.  To that end, she sends Ryan over to help Tessa with the babysitting.

Ryan confides in Tessa that he’s pretty sure he’s…dying, of Ryan’s disease, natch.  Tessa attempts to calm him down, and Ryan succeeds in calming the baby down.  It’s super cute as he tries to wrap his tiny little brain around mortality. 

Meanwhile, Dallas and George are on their first date, and Dallas freaked out and brought her life coach.  This sub-plot was super boring, so I’m just going to pass. 

That was about the whole show, so let’s get on to the quotes!

Dallas, to her stylist: “No Majorca, I wanted Vampy, not trampy!”
Tessa, as she tries to find a show to watch while babysitting: “Why is every primetime tv show about a gruesome crime scene?  What is wrong with you, America?”
Ryan, to Lisa, when she helps him with Tessa: “You’re the best sister ever, bro” *pat head*
30 Rock

This episode was soooo lame.  I watched it twice to find funny stuff, and there was very little. 

Jenna is still the center of attention, as Jack and Liz try to convince her she should endorse their candidate.  They debate, and it’s basically the opposite of how things actual happen, namely, Liz lays out actual ideas, and Jack panders and says key words Jenna likes.

Anyway, Jack ends up winning, but not using the endorsement due to some hackneyed reason, and the end.

Oh, and Pete has a crush on a security guard that is dating a Pete doppelganger, and Kenneth votes for the first time.

Couple of funny lines for you:

Cheyenne and Liz, as Liz is rushing to Jenna: “I need you to marry me so I don’t get sent back to Canada.” “ Really? Now you have a thing?”
Tracy, after Kenneth told him he has a president that looks like him: “Black Shrek ran for president?”

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