Saturday, May 19, 2012

America’s Got Talent 5/14-15

Summer’s about here, it’s time for the reality programming to come out in full force!

Joe and I love to watch AGT, so I thought I’d put my comments on the acts that made it through, and how far I think they’ll go.

This week we had 4 hours of audition rounds, and saw a bunch of people go through.

Starting in LA, we had:

Earth Harp guy: This guy played a instrument he made himself, and it was gigantic.  It was really cool, but I don’t see it moving past the judges in the next round, cause it doesn’t seem like something that could grow at all
Black and white dance crew: That’s not their actual names, but more of a descriptor on their makeup and clothes.  They had some interesting moves, but I don’t see them going far either.
Elizabeth aerial silks: a 10 year old up on the silks was cool for it’s shock factor, and she will probably make it in a round or two, but I don’t think she was actually that good, just cute due to her age and size.
Freestyle rapper: This whitest of the white guys did a slow ‘freestyle’ rap that he supposedly pulled right out of his head, but I think that’s a lie.  I think he’ll get cut before even performing in Vegas.
Father/Daughter singers: This was the young dad/daughter duo of the evening, and you may have seen them on YouTube, with their 70 million hit video.  Again, this went through due to the adorableness factor, and I can see the judges putting them through to the top 40, but I don’t see America voting for them after that.

Next we move to St. Louis, finding:

Crossbow guy: I think this guy was superexcited to see that Hawkeye was going to be in the Avengers, cause that was basically his act.  Trick shots using a auto-crossbow.  Honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed, he had a sight, and it was an autoshooter, so not as difficult as a manual one.  I see the judges letting him perform in Vegas, but not moving on from there.
Livewire lightshow:  Here we have our in the dark act.  I’m hoping we get another one, cause I wasn’t terribly impressed with this group.  If they have no blacklight competition, they’ll probably make it to the final, but won’t win.  If another act comes, they may make it to the top 40, but no further.
Scorpion in mouth guy: He won’t make it past Vegas.
Animal Ventriloquist: Was this a real dog?  Joe though no, I couldn’t tell.  I don’t see him getting past the top 40.
Stick n Move Dance: These guys didn’t make much of an impression, and there seems to be a glut of dancers this year, so I don’t see these guys getting far at all.
Loyalty Dance:  See what I mean?  These guys had terrible costumes, and a sob story in their midst, so top 40, but no further.
Sergio: The guy that got a second chance.  He isn’t that good of a singer, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cut before performing in Vegas.
Father/Daughter singers: Another father/daughter duo, but older this time, and the girl could actually sing.  They may get into the top 10 if their song choices are good.

We then went to San Francisco for a double show, where we found:

Speed painter: This was cool.  We’ve seen speed painters before, but they didn’t have anything else.  This guy had a crew to dance around him, and music to go with it.  I see top 40 in his future, but I don’t think much past that.
Balance guy: This guy balanced on cylinder rather up.  I think he will get to perform in the Vegas round, but won’t move on.
Black shirt/white glove dance crew: They were special because they ‘are trained in all the styles of dance,’ and showed it by dancing to classical music using modern steps.  Another dance crew, and they may make it to top 40, but that is the absolute farthest they will go.
Music/magic guys: A magician and his concert pianist friend.  I see this act making it to the top 40, and depending on number of magic act, possibly to the top 10.
Asian singer: I don’t even remember her a little bit, and considering the number of singers we’ll probably see, I don’t see her moving past Vegas.
Juggler: Howard did what Pierce would have done, and buzzed the guy because he dropped a pin.  But he managed to wow Howie with a trick, and made the guy do it again because the other two weren’t paying attention, and he got through.  I see him performing in Vegas, but not making it through.
Impressionist: He did not impress me.  The impressions were not ‘spot on’ as the judges claim.  I see him performing in Vegas, but that’s it.
Opera singer: Not the best opera singer I’ve seen on Talent, but it’s nice to see one state-side.  He’ll get to top 40 if his song choices are good.
Rapping gramma: This was cute, but I don’t see her moving past the judges in Vegas.
Janitor Flute: Seriously, this act was dumb.  The guy made a flute to look like a broom, and then played it poorly.  I don’t see him even performing in Vegas.
Gravely dad singer: This guy had an interesting voice.  I can see him going to the Top 40, and depending on the competition, maybe to the top 10, if the rest of the pack is relatively weak.
Neon Dancers: I don’t think I’ve seen so many dance groups on this show before.  They really need to step it up if they want to move on, and I don’t think this group has what it takes for that.  I see them performing in Vegas, but not making it on.
Annoying Singer band: As you may have guessed from what I called them, I’m not a fan.  But I can see them getting into the top 40 on their ‘uniqueness.’
Animal acupuncture Comedy guy: That was his joke, about bringing a porcupine to the animal acupuncturist.  This guy is kind of a mystery, how far he gets really depends on the rest of his material, cause if he only has the one good joke…I see top 40 for this guy, unless he crashes and burns in Vegas.
 Chinese Lion: An acrobatic/dance team.  They amused the judges with their banter, and their look was cool.  I’m thinking top 40, with the slight chance of a top 10 for these guys.
Snowcone guy: His head looked like a snowcone.  He is a double-jointed dancer, and his moves were pretty neat, and his sob story was full of sobs.  If his act can grow, I see top 10, but if he give the same performance in Vegas, he’ll stop there.

And that’s everyone that was spotlighted!  I honestly don’t see a winner from what we’ve gotten so far, but who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised!

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