Friday, May 25, 2012

America's Got Talent: 5/21-22

Another two days of audition shows, but only one hour installments each episode, and both were focused on New York.  Let see what we found there:

Flight Crue: I think this was the basketball trampoline dunk team.  Their performance wasn’t terribly exciting, though the cameras sure tried to sell it hardcore.  I don’t see them getting past Vegas.

Aerial Ring: A guy did aerial stunts using a ring.  He did do some fun spins and things, I think we’ll see him perform in Vegas, and maybe even get a call back, but I don’t see him in the top 40

Modern Irish Dance: So how many times are we going to hear Howard say he doesn’t like dance, except for this one time?  That does get old.  This was an Irish stepping team, and they performed well, but the style doesn’t lend itself to growing much.  If the dance competition is weak, they may make top 40, but otherwise they aren’t making it out of Vegas.

Fast Pianst: This was a pianist that could play fast, obvs.  This does not have potential for a big stage show, like at all.  I don’t even see him playing in Vegas.

Dog Show: Whoa, SNL flashback.  This was a father/son duo with ten plus dogs.  Sharon was having a fit on stage, wanting to adopt all the dogs.  Apparently, this was the best animal act EVA, and whatnot.  If they can grow their act for Vegas, they will make top 40, cause they did blow away the competition, but there has not been very much competition this season, so that was not a hard feat.

Horace the nutbuster: Really?  This is what people think talent looks like?  Totally ridiculous, or as the cool kids say, totes ridik.  The guy had multiple items hit him in the nuts the end.  I don’t see this one performing in Vegas.

Wordspit and the Illest: A gigantic band with an eclectic array of instruments, from violins to horns.  I don’t remember what their song was, but I do remember the judges falling over themselves for it.  They’ll probably make Top 40, and possibly Top 10 if they bring it.

Old Rapper: Had a hook in his song “What’cha gonna do?” He was pretty terrible, but he and the rapping grandma would make a cute team.  I don’t see him performing in Vegas, unless the judges are feeling especially magnanimous.

Photo Ventriliquist: This guy had a computer monitor with stills of the judges that he manipulated to look like their eyes and mouths were moving, unrealistically.  His joke was kind of lame, basically ‘hee hee, boy and girls at the same table, ya doin each other?’  I see him performing in Vegas, but unless he has something much better up his sleeve, not much else.

Acrobalance: A musclebound husband and wife duo where the wife did all the all the heavy lifting, but what else is new, right ladies?  Their control was impressive, but they need to build their act up if they want to move on.  I see top 40 in their grasp, if they can do that.

Gypsy girl dancers: A young dance troop with especially coordinated dance moves, and one extremely flexible girl.  They were interesting, but I don’t see them moving on with the strong competition the dance group will bring.  Performing in Vegas tops for these girls.

Female Rock Band: Precisely what the name says.  They weren’t especially impressive, and the vocals were not where they needed to be for a rock group.  She sounded like she was singing in a high school musical.  I see Vegas in their future, but no top 40.

Drag queen singer: I don’t think we actually saw this guy perform, but from the judges reaction, I would guess a non-act in Vegas for him.

Generic comedy guy 1: Yeah, that about sums him up.  He’s every comic you’ve seen on Last Comic Standing, with even less personality.  I see him performing in Vegas, but not moving on.

Robo-dancer:  This is one of the strong dancers I was talking about earlier.  He had incredible control, and looked cool to boot.  I see a Top 40 in his future, and possibly top 10 depending on group placement.

And that was New York!  Next week, I’m not sure were we’re going, hopefully somewhere good!

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