Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy:Season 2

This season started breaking out of the mold a little bit.  Characters grew more into the people they would eventually become, new characters were introduced who would have a major impact on the show, and the set moved to where we would know it for the next four seasons, John Adams High.

The season started with Cory and Shawn coming into their first day of high school(apparently, John Adams was a 7-12 school), and promptly pissing off the school bully, Harley.  They soon are introduced to Mr. Turner, another mainstay for the next couple of seasons, and a big part of campus life for it.

Cory and Shawn go through the normal seventh grade turmoil, from finding friends, to finding girls, to passing class, to finding girls, from avoiding bullies to finding girls.  If you didn’t catch that, a big plot point for a chunk of the season was Shawn’s ability to date, and Cory ability to be jealous of that ability.

In this season we had our first glimpses of Cory and Topanga, though they never actually date during this season.  However, there is some ‘ seven minutes in heaven’ action.

A lot of what this season was was a buildup of arcs for all of the characters, arcs that would last as character growth through much of the show’s run.

There were a couple of standout moments, check after the break for them!
Back 2 School(S2E1)-The first moment is…the first moment.  A cute little throwaway line leads to a fun opening for our heroes.

Me and Mr. Joad(S2E4-)Don’t like how a test is being run?  Go on strike, that’ll show ‘em!

Band on the Run(S2E8)-Everyone loves a band…assuming you actually have a band, Cory and Shawn*cough*(Start at about 5 minutes)

Sister Theresa(S2E10)-Cory learns that his new girlfriend TK is his bully’s younger sister. The key moment is at 10:00, but the whole clip is pretty cute.

Danger Boy(S2E16)-Cory and Mr. Feeney fail at roller coaster riding.

The season ends with Shawn’s dad taking off, and Shawn moving in with Mr. Turner, which will be explored in much greater depth in season 3!

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