Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 10!

Today, I look back at cartoons.  More specifically, Saturday morning cartoons that I enjoyed when I was a kid.  These are the ones I enjoyed, though so person opinion reigns, and your mileage may vary.

Before we start, a few honorable mentions:

Muppet Babies
Garfield and Friends

And now, on with the show!


Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
This show was tons of fun, and the kids were great as well.  And who didn’t love the theme song?



Dooo-do-do do-do-do do do-do-do do!  This was the quintessential Nicktoon, and it was great fun.  From the Beets to Porkchop, Skeeter to Patti Mayonnaise, there was something for just about everyone…though I understand people actually named Doug didn’t like it so much.


Pinky and the Brain

Two mice attempting to take over the world one futile plot at a time.  Pinky was the dumb one, Brain was the brain, and between the two of them, they almost managed to take over the world a whole one time.  “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” “I think so Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking?  I mean, what would the children look like?”


Jackie Chan Adventures

Another tremendously fun show.  Jackie Chan’s niece was great, and the adventures they went on were interesting and intricate, often extending through the season to fill an arc with fun times.



This show was freaking hilarious.  It was also terribly dirty, I really can’t believe our parents let us watch it.  From the countries of the world to Sassy Squirrel, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to Good Idea, Bad Idea, the humor of this show was unmatched.  I can still watch it to this day, and find tons to laugh at.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another really fun show.  Each of the turtles had their own personality, their own method of fighting that allowed everyone watching to connect with one that fit them.  The history was great, and the bad guys were amusing, dastardly, or both, but it all ended in the same place:  a good time for all.



This was a great show.  A group of kids go to a magical world filled with monsters, and they get to keep and train their own to help them fight the nasties that inhabit that world, and then their homes when they get back there.  The layers in this show were incredible for a kids show, but that is to be expected of an anime, seeing as Japan doesn’t necessarily see cartoons as soley kids stuff.


Aladdin: The Animated Series

My favorite movie brings me one of my favorite cartoons.  The world built by the movie was nicely expanded for the series, and even though all the actors weren’t the same, it didn’t really affect the quality that much.  The stories were fun, and the additional characters brought in to further the plot were almost always enjoyable.



Oh, the joys of being a kid, going to recess during school.  The antics of TJ, Mikey, Gus, Spinelli, and the rest really made for an enjoyable time.  Each kid was distinct, and the stories were, again, tons of fun.  Who doesn’t remember King Bob, the kindergarteners, or the Ashleys?  The stories told during these kid’s recess, and occasionally outside of recess, were instantly relatable, even if they were over the top.

AND NOW, my number 1 show is…

Drumroll please…

Pepper Ann!

I <3 this show soo much.  ‘Much too cool for seventh grade’ fit her perfectly.  I was instantly drawn to her character, her friends, her family.  The entire premise was just real life, through the eyes of a seventh grade girl, and since I WAS in seventh grade at the time, or just outside of it, I could relate easily.  She may even be where I got the idea for red hair!
So what do you think?  Did I miss a show?  Is something on here that shouldn’t be?  Talk to me in the comments!

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