Thursday, May 17, 2012

Glee: 2,2,2 Glees for 1!

This week, we got two whole hours of Glee, which included the ramp-up to nationals, and nationals themselves.

To start, we had little miss Tina throw a snit-fit because she wasn’t feeling Rachel having yet another solo.  She explodes at the group, and then storms out of the choir room when no one is on her side.

Apparently it wasn’t too big of a deal, because we then see her run into Kurt and Blaine in the mall, her with several tons of fabric to sew costumes for nationals.  Is this the first we’ve seen the need to make all those costumes?  I don’t recall it in any previous season, but I could just be forgetting.

Anyway, as she’s leaving the boys, she trips and falls head first into the fountain, segueing to a…

Body swap fantasy!  Let’s see if I can remember everyone:
Mr. Shue=Sue

It was freaking hilarious.  Finn and Puck as Kurt and Blaine especially.  I was dying laughing.  Of course, though, they had to ruin it by making Tina see just how much of a special snowflake Rachel is, and then use the time to show us how Tina is gonna be lead female vocals next year, even though she really isn’t right for it, I don’t think.  Her voice is fine, of course, but it’s not strong enough, not emotion-filled enough to lead like Rachel, or even Finn.

In other news, Rachel becomes a stalker once Tina becomes her biggest fan, and hunts down the drama school coach in hopes of getting another audition, with Tina running wing man all the way.

Finally, Puck finally remembers he’s supposed to be the badass of the group, and gets in a  fight with mullethead from the prom episode, and pull a knife, which was when Coach Beiste suddenly appears, and breaks up the whole thing.  Puck gets his best Will Smith on, and has a breakdown with the coach in the locker room.  They both let everything out, and Coach Beiste leaves Cooters for realzies.  Then they sing a Taylor Swift song together, which kind of ruined the moment for me, but whatevs.

We then smash to nationals!  They are getting ready, and packing the bus, and away the whole club goes.  Jesse St. James makes an appearance, and tries to psych Rachel out, and fails miserably.

However, a disreputable burrito knock Mercedes out, and the program has to be altered at the last minute, so everyone stays up late and learns the new choreography, only to have Mercedes show up at the last minute, hopped up on steroids and who knows what, thanks to Sue.

The judges for the completion are Lindsey Lohan, Perez Hilton, and random Asian guy who plays the principal on Suburgatory.  New Directions goes first, and nails it.  They are followed by Vocal Adrenaline, headlined by Unique, and they…don’t, so much.  Their songs were kind of boring, and Unique was not very.

The three judges do their thing, and New Directions wins, of course.

The kids go back to school, and actually have a celebration thrown in their honor.  They end by giving Mr. Shue teacher of the year, and sing “We are the Champions” to him.

Next week: graduation, finally!


Part 1-
“I Won’t Give Up” as sung by Rachel
“Because You Loved Me” as sung by Tina(playing Rachel)
“Mean” as sung by Puck and Coach Beiste
“What a Feeling” as sung by Rachel and Tina

Part 2-
“Edge of Glory”, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, and “Paradiseby the Dashboard Light” as sung by New Directions in their nationals performance
“Starships” and “Pinball Wizard” as sung by Vocal Adrenaline for their performance
“Tounge Tied” as sung by all
“We are the Champions” as sung by all.

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