Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Warcraft 101: More terms for your reading pleasure

Last week we had a bunch of terms, this week we continue the trend!

Let’s get right to it:

Tank: While in a group, to hold a mob’s attention, causing it to attack you.  Tanks have high armor, block, and dodge to mitigate incoming damage.

Mob: Any monster in game, usually the one you are attacking at the moment.

Armor(value):A number that, as it increases, decreases incoming damage by a percentage based on amount of it.

Armor(pieces): The different items your character wears, acquired through several different methods, including the AH, by looting mobs, trading, and as quest rewards.

AH: The auction house, a player stocked market place where you can buy or sell items gained in the world, if they are BoE.

BoE: Bind on Equip-These items can be sold or traded to another player if they haven’t been equipped.  Once your character equips the item, you can no longer trade or sell it to another player.  The item then is labeled soulbound.

Soulbound: An item that cannot be sold or traded to a player character

BoP: Bind on Pickup-These items are soulbound immediately upon looting.  There is usually a popup warning if you are about to loot one.

Quest: A task an NPC will have your character do.  Once complete, you hand the quest in, and receive XP and possibly loot rewards.

NPC: Non-player character.  These are the avatars controlled by the computer AI.  They can be quest givers, vendors, or flavor characters.

Dodge: To completely avoid an incoming attack.

Parry: To stop an attack using your weapon.

Block: To partial stop an attack

Bank: A vault where you can store items.  The first set of slots are free, and you can purchase additional bag spaces for an increasing amount.

Guild: A form of organization.  They are player-created, and have a hierarchical structure, with the GM in charge, and up to nine ranks below.

GM: Guild Master.  They are usually a founding member of a guild, and are in charge of setting permissions and choosing officers.

I think that is about enough for today.  Next week, I’m going to try something completely different!

For all the terms so far defined, click here!

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