Monday, May 14, 2012

SNL 5/12/12

This week saw a former cast member, Will Ferrell, return for another hosting gig.  Last week, I predicted four recurring sketches, and I am rather pleased to say…I was wrong!  I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t see another Jepordy, BUT!  We didn’t get inundated with a crap ton of other old recurring sketches, so a wash in the end, I think.  He did bring back an impression or two, so that was fun.

But now, what everyone has been waiting for:

The Good, the Meh, and the Ugly!

The Good:

Cold Open(7)-Joe Biden as a petulant child?  What’s not to love?  And the’imaginary’ friend, George was a great way to bring back Will Ferrell’s GWB impression.

Monologue(8)-This was sooo cute.  A little lacking on the funny, but Will Ferrell brought up his actual mother for a tribute, and she was adorable, attempting to act, and Will was chuckle-worthy as a comic that only had others write for him, and thus couldn’t think of anything off the cuff.

Digital Short: 100thshort(8)-Ahhh, this was awesome, a look back at a lot of the previous digital shorts, but did I miss a mention of the very first one?  How could they not reference Lazy Sunday?  I’ve heard this may be Andy Samberg’s last season, so that may be the last digital short, the end of an era.
Weekend Update: Headlines(7)-My tally this week was 9/12 jokes that were funny, so better than last week, I do believe.

Weekend Update: Really Segment(7)-Lots or good points as usual with the Really?!? Segment, this time regarding the crazy mom that had herself on the cover of TIME magazine breastfeeding her child…her 3 YEAR OLD child.  That was ridiculous.

Weekend Update: Get in the Cage(8)-Nic Cage brings on a guest to ask why he wasn’t in their latest movie, this time with Liam Nielson and Battleship.  Andy Samberg almost lost it, and the ending about killed me, with their new movie about kidnapping God.(No embed avail.) 

The Meh:

Commercial: Nasaflu(6)-This wasn’t terribly funny, but I was laugh a bit because it is almost exactly how Joe sounds when he sneezes.  Will Ferrell being obnoxious as possible, screaming while sneezing, and Kristin Wiig beating him up for it. Not bad, but not great, either.

ESPN Classic Ladies Sports(5)-This recurring sketch is kind of over for me.  Making rather dumb one liners in regards to female hygiene products kind of wears thin after the first time, I think.

Musical Guest: Usher(4)-Sometimes I enjoy his songs.  This was not one of those times.

Funkytown Debate(5)-A for effort, but the joke were not as there as they really could have been.  They also seemed to get EVERY SINGLE cast member out, so that was interesting.

Broadway Sizzle(4)-Will Ferrell sings songs originally by girls.  The end.

Anniversary(4)- Another sketch that would have been great if it had been shorter.  This one just seemed to drag on and oooon.  I never thought it would end.

The Ugly:

None!  That’s a good thing, I do believe!

Overall: And so the penultimate show of the season wraps up, to mostly decent sketches. (Score: 6.00)

1: 4/14 Josh Brolin 6.17
2: 5/12 Will Ferrell 6.00
3: 4/7 Sofia Vegara 4.85
4: 5/5 Eli Manning 4.53

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