Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glee: New York, No York

This week’s episode consisted of a whole lot of emotion, and not a whole lot of plot.  It makes sense in the grand scheme of things, since we are saying goodbye to a decent chunk of the cast, but it would have been nice to set up something-nay, anything-for next year.

So we start with a freaking hilarious graduation gift from Burt to Kurt.  Burt did the Single Ladies dance for Kurt, in honor of how far they have come.  In a season with a crazy amount of wackiness, I think that may be the scene that got me laughing the hardest.

We then go to everyone saying goodbye to each other in various ways, and it emotional as you would think.  Songs are sung, hugs are given, and we know where everyone is going to be come next year.

Starting with the fabulous trio,

Rachel, Finn, and Kurt:  Rachel got into Nyata, or however the fake theater school is spelled, but Kurt didn’t.  Finn, though he though he aced his Inside the Actor’s Studio audition, did not, and so the three’s plans of moving to New York were thwarted.  Rachel and Finn were planning their wedding through the whole episode, and Finn was CONSTANTLY making sure Rachel still loved him(Yes, it got really old).  After all the fretting, and Rachel deciding to defer, Finn sends her to New York anyway, without him.  So the final tally is Rachel: New York. Kurt: Lima with Blaine, Finn: RANDOM ARMY CHOICE!  Yeah, it was basically that abrupt on screen too, with only a 30 second scene setting it up earlier in the episode.

Brit and Puck: Our favorite underachievers are all set for next year too, with Puck graduating, but no further plans set, and Brit…not so much, as she had a 0.0 GPA.  Puck managed to pass the test due to a kiss from Quinn that somehow managed to bring back his swagger?  I don’t know, that was very strange.  So final count for these two are Lima:2, Underachievers:0.

Mercedes and Mike: You may be asking yourself, why did I group these two together?  Simple answer?  They got the shaft, hard core, though Mike got it moreso.  Mike will be dancing at a school, or maybe a dance company, that I didn’t even bother to write down.  Mercedes got a recording contract as a backup singer on an indie label, as helpfully exposited by Sam, and then was never seen or heard from again, cause can you say shady?  So Lima failed on sucking these two in again.

Santana and Quinn:  Another odd pairing, but they are the last two left, so odd men out, I suppose.  Quinn hasn’t changed since she found out she was going to Yale, she’s still headed there with a train pass to visit Rachel in New York and vice versa whenever they want.  Santana, though, got a whole storyline with Gloria Estefan as her mother.  Santana realizes she doesn’t want to go to Kentucky, she’d rather be a New York girl as well, so her mother gives her the money she’d been saving for eighteen years to send her to a good school, and lets her use it on trying to make it in showbiz.  Santana’s mother was played very oddly, and I don’t think a real person would ever act that way in a million years.  But we still end up with another two escaping Lima’s grasp.

So, final final tally?  Lima:3 Escapers:5.  37.5% return rate for next year is my guess!

“Forever Young” as sung by Will
“I’ll Remember” as sung by Kurt
“You Get What You Give” as sung by the seniors
“In My Life” as sung by the underclassmen
“Glory Days” as sung by Puck ft. Finn
“Root Before Branches” as sung by Rachel

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