Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season one

The first season of Boy Meets World was very traditional.  Most episodes were self-contained, friends appeared in one episode only to vanish the next, and the stories were not terribly complex.

The standard TV tropes are pulled at nearly every stop, and the characters don’t grow, or if they do grow, it doesn’t stick.

However, throughout the season, we get glimpses of what is to come, especially with the secondary characters.

You can really tell the family loves each other, and the friendships are strong.  The humor is not quite there, but it occasionally peaks out.  The ‘special’ episodes/moments are a titch saccharine, but still manage to get to you if you let them.

I don’t have favorite whole episodes, but there are several moments that are good indicators or what is to come in future seasons.

After the break, see what they are!

Cory’s Alternative Friends(S1E4)-Cory gets self conscious of his curly headedness, and decides to try to straighten it using Shawn’s sister’s hair product(a sister that was NEVER mentioned again, by the way).  When it goes awry, and he looks weird for a week or so, he starts hanging out with the weird crowd, and gets caught up in their latest crusade: saving the librarian’s job.  After they get their class to sign the petition, Cory and Topanga have a heart to heart:

Teacher’s Bet(S1E8)-Cory and Mr. Feeney make a bet, that Cory can teach the class better than Mr. Feeney.  Cory goofs around for the majority of the week he has, but then Eric comes back from a trip to the mall with his Asian-American date, and hears this(skip to 5:45):

This is followed up with Cory laying it down with the class in a very effective manner.  I think this is probably my favorite episode of this season, for those two scenes alone.

Once in Love With Amy(S1E12)- This one is a bit harder to get a clip of, but the crux of this episode was a math problem.  Mr. Feeney had the class try to figure it out, and even super-genius Minkus couldn’t figure it out, though I do call BS on the answer, which was there is no answer, mainly because I was able to figure it out myself(skip to 3:45):

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