Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Funny Stuff: Awww, Memories!

The Funny Stuff:  Awww, Memories!

This week saw the season finale of three shows, and set up for a few others.  Let’s start with…

2 Broke Girls: This episode was okay, I liked that it focused on their business and pushing that forward much more than in the previous episodes.  I do want to comment on Martha Stewart’s dress, even though she was only in the last 5 minutes of the episode, holy crap was that the ugliest thing I have ever seen.  It looked like she was trying to smuggle out a donkey or something.  The dress was completely ridiculous, and made me laugh the whole time.

The Middle: This was kind of a filler episode, it seemed.  Brick had bad luck due to a four-leaf clover, and was subsequently the catalyst in the dad’s story of attempted reconnection with his father.  Other than that, Axel’s friend asks Sue to prom, and she says yes, and Axel freaks out, so not a whole lot happened.

Suburgatory: The main story here dealt with George’s girlfriend moving in, and attempting to co-parent, even though she’d only been there a couple days.  Yeah, it was as awkward as it sounds.

Community:  This episode was hilarious.  They used essentially the same concept as ‘Paradigms of Human Memory’ from last season, but this time, it was in an effort to push the story forward, in an effort to get the group back to Greendale.  Basically, they group has been expelled for two months, and Abed is obsessing, as per usual.  After being found again on the campus, he is sent to a shrink, and the rest of the group comes with, and they eventually start re-living various memories, ones that we as an audience hadn’t seen before.

I didn’t get a count, but the season two version has 72 scenes in a 22 minute show, which is only a bit ridiculous, but hilarious at the same time.  Standouts include Abed narrating Pierce eating a sandwich, random Greendale classes, and a 10,000th flush celebration.  In good news, we get at least 16 more episodes of community, what with the 13 episode pickup for next year, so yay!

The lines were coming too fast and furious to write down many of them, but I did get one:

Police officer, after finding Abed digging through Greendale’s dumpster dressed as Inspektor Spacetime: If this were Comic-con, I’d take a bullet for the kid, but this is the real world. 

30 Rock:  This episode was ok, there were some funny moments, but it was pretty forgettable.  Jenna refinds her roots as a southern hick, and realizes her true nature:  Shiny on the outside, fake on the inside, just like her knock-off shoes.  Liz figures out she’s wearing the pants in her relationship with Cris, and he doesn’t like it, so he goes and beats up a fake Elmo.  And finally, Jack is reunited with Avery, and they immediately commence the mind games, with Avery clearly coming out on top, and they live happily ever after…or as happily as this show will let them, I suppose. This one also got a 13 episode pickup for next year.

The Office: This was the season finale, and Andy’s plan from the previous episode came to fruition.  Sabre is donezo, Andy is back as manager, and Robert California somehow managed to get a sex-cation through Europe bankrolled by David Wallace.  I think it’s about time to stick a fork in this show, she’s about done…but of course, it’s renewed for a full season order next year. 

Parks and Rec: Yay, my prediction was correct!  Leslie won the election by 21 votes, so Jerry messing up and forgetting to vote didn’t hurt her in the end.  There were a bunch of funny moments, like Leslie getting tired out after 21 seconds of sparring, and Anne and Tom possibly getting back together.  Though the funniest was Andy making a Beach Boys reference when trying to figure out the perfect place to hide out after April borked the city’s computer system.  And good news here as well!  Picked up for a full season, so all my shows are back! 

Next week:  three episode of Community, craziness!

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