Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 3

Ahh, season 3.  The one where it all started to meld into the Boy Meets World we know and love.  The characters partially developed in the first and second seasons are solidified, and we really get to know who everyone is.

Cory and Topanga started dated, then ended dating, then started and ended several more times during this season.  They were almost as bad as Ross and Rachel, with even more silly antics.  We ended here with the big Disney ending, and Cory and Topanga together, as they should be.

Shawn did move in with Mr. Turner, and there were several speedbumbs along the way there, as well.  Mr. Turner had to learn it is probably not a good idea to lie to Shawn, and they both had to figure out the cohabitation thing.  The season ended with Shawn moving back in with his father, even though his mother hadn’t turned up yet.

Eric became a bigger part of the cast as well, with a decent chunk of time devoted to his last year in high school, and what he’s going to do once he graduates.  Hint: it’s not going to be college, at least not in season 4.

This season was very good, though not quite to the heights we would see in seasons 4 and 5.  There were many highlights though, as follows:

My Best Friend’s Girl(S3E1) Cory declares his love for the first time.  Aww!(The meat starts at 4:50!)

The Double Lie(S3E2) Lying is bad, mmmkay, Mr. Turner?  Shawn turns the tables when he brings a girl to the apartment he thought was empty.(4:10)

He Said, She Said(S3E4) Shawn decides to run away to Paris…Texas.  Come for the confused Shawn, stay for the surprise Adam Scott!

This Little Piggy(S3E6) Shawn adopts a pig, and names him Little Cory.  Yes, it is as cute as it sounds.

The Grass is Always Greener(S3E12) Cory needs some variety in his life, and goes to another schools party as Shawn Hunter.  But he’s not the only one in disguise!

Stormy Weather(S3E16) Eric gets an internship at a news station, and somehow becomes their weatherman.

I Was a Teenage Spy(S3E19) Cory manages to go back in time(don’t ask) and meets all sorts of fun people.

The Happiest Show on Earth(S3E21) Cory realizes he still loves Topanga, and follows her to Disney World to show her.  Another aww moment in their relationship.

And that was season 3!  Come back next week for Season 4, with so many good moments, it may have to be broken up!

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