Thursday, May 3, 2012

Glee: Black Sue and Original flavor Sue lay the smackdown

Oh, Glee.  Pretending you can be a drama-filled like a big boy show.  How cute!

So Coach Beiste comes to school with an impressive shiner, and some of the peanut gallery, mainly Santana, joke about how she gets beat by her husband.  Coach claims a punching bag hit her in the face, but of course, Roz(as played by Nene Leeks), the black Sue, and original Sue call the girls out, and make them ‘take back the songs about abuse’ because it’s no laughing matter, obvs. 

The girls mangle the assignment completely, but Coach Beist can’t handle it, and it comes out that, oh noes, her husband actually did hit her.  The rest of the episode was essentially a PSA about getting out of abusive relationships, though Coach Beiste doesn’t in the end anyway.  I guess we’ll find out how that plays out in the last couple of episodes this year.

In other news, Whoopi Goldberg comes to McKinley to audition Kurt and Rachel.  Long story short, Kurt sings an unexpected song well, and Rachel chokes on her standard she’s sung a million times before.

Lastly, Puck realizes he has one class that he’s probably going to fail, and thus pulls an all nighter on the day before the big test, and still manages to fail anyway.

This episode was terribly uneven.  The best part was the intercut scenes of how things really played out at the Beiste/Cooter house.  Coach Beiste is a good actress, surprising for a woman that got her start as an arm wrestler featured on Jay Leno.  The rest of the show was predictable-the drama was drama-y, the comedy wasn’t very humorous, and of course, they seem to be leading to everyone staying in Lima after graduation, cause we can’t have the big stars go away, now can we?  Stupid show.

Featuring a variety of songs this week, including:

The Music of the Night” as sung by Kurt
School’s Out” as sung by Puck
Cell Block Tango” as sung by Mercedes, Tina, Santana, Brittany, and Sugar Motta
Not the Boy Next Door” as sung by Kurt
Don’t Rain on My Parade” as briefly sung by Rachel
The Rain in Spain” as sung by all the boys minus Kurt
Shake it Out” as sung by the girls minus Rachel
Cry” as sung by Rachel

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