Sunday, May 20, 2012

The funny stuff: 8-bit comedy FTW

This was such a good week of shows.  Season finales really let out the best in most shows, and the ones this week were no exception.  The only disappointing thing was that it’s only the middle of May.  It seems really early to be hitting the finales already, but oh well.

Anyway, on to the shows:

How I Met Your Mother: This was so cute.  Marshall and Lily have their baby, Marvin Waitforit Erikkson, and are typical first time parents through the whole thing.  And yes, Marshal made it back to New York for the delivery, thanks to a bus full of seniors.  Senior Citizens, that is.  AAAAND, we finally got the 411 on who Barney is marrying, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it’s Robin.  Still quite a squee moment for me anyway, but not a surprise at all.  Is it sad that the Ted moments are, for me at least, at best b-plot territory?  I didn’t care about him meeting up with Victoria again at all, especially because he meets the mother for the first time at Barney’s wedding, so she’s NOT the mother.

The Middle: A rather forgettable episode, with the dad attempting to get a good room parent assignment, Sue blackmailing Axel, and Brick being a tattler.  This is my inoffensive show for the week, a little palate cleanser to get ready for the heavy hitters.

Suburgatory: Oh. My. Goodness.  This is the episode that precipitated my rant on Thursday.  I was seething through most of the episode, and even if there were funny bits, I missed them all due to being incredibly not happy.  As I said in my rant, making fun of a group of people based on your preconceived notions and stereotypes isn’t funny, and only makes you look bad, show.

30 Rock:  It is bad I completely blanked on the fact that this show was on?  Jack and Avery fight some more, Liz and Cris's relationship moves forward, and Hazel moves in with Kenneth.  I don't even recall if there were any funny lines.  That's a bit sad, I think...

BUT NOW…the best hour and a half of TV I’ve seen all season, if not longer…

Community: There were three episodes this week, so I’ll break it down to that.

8-bit episode: This was just fantastic.  From Troy jumping everywhere to Abed making babies with Hilda, this was a great nod to all the 8-bit games we played as kids.  Every time a new scene came on, there was something new to guffaw at.  From a cow in a party hat, to ‘Troy and Abed shooting lava!’  this was amazing.  The vast majority of the episode was set inside of a videogame, and each of the main characters had their own avatar.  If you enjoyed videogames as a kid, you should not miss this episode.  It is right up there with the D&D episode in terms of homage-ed-ness.  Hilda’s menus, OMG.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Britta Brittta’d it with the potion, and Jeff worked that to their advantage…Abed baby farm coming to the rescue, and giving the whole game away at the end anyway…this episode verged on perfection.

Chang and Chang’s bogus adventure: So, not the actual title, but I like mine better…this episode was a homage to Ocean’s 11, and they again did a fantastic job.  Britta’s costume alone was enough to push this episode into awesome, but then there was the rave night, and dean-duel, and COPRA!, and I could go on forever.  I won’t, because I want to get this to bed at a decent hour, but amazeballs again.  And, it lead right into the season finale, with Troy getting ready to sell out to the A/C school to save his friends *tear*.

Introduction to Finality: And that is the actual title, fit like a glove. Abed freaks out slightly due to Troy leaving, and somehow summons Evil Abed.  It was as glorious as you can imagine.  Subway has decided to sever ties with Greendale, so Shirley’s sandwich shop can move in!  Yay!  But Pierce wants to be the one to sign the agreement, so many heads are butted in an effort to get that straightened out.  And that led us to Jeff representing Shirley in a hearing to decide who should sign the sheet, which was about as ridiculous as you can imagine.  Evil Abed tried to make everything as evil as he wants it, and is hilarious in doing so, from popping a balloon with a cigarette, to dumping said cigarette in some poor girls drink.  He about chops Jeff’s arm off with a little kitchen tool, but a patented Jeff Speech™ snaps Abed back to normal, AND he has a cute moment with Annie.

And I haven’t even touched on Troy’s great storyline, where he finds out he is the A/C school’s messiah, and changes it for the better, allowing him to come back to the group, with a big hug from Abed…and BRITTA!  Squee again.  We then cut to a fantastic montage of everyone moving on, from Troy moving back(and Britta possibly moving in?!?) to the boys’ apartment, Jeff passing his class, and Starburns, very much still alive!  All in all, a fantastic ending to three great years. 

Now, Community has been picked up for a half season next year, but Dan Harmon has been fired.  Due to this, I may or may not be watching, I guess it all depends on the first episode back, and if it is as terrible as some are expecting.

But that’s all folks!  The funny stuff will be back in September, maybe with some new shows to add to the roster!

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