Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glee: Everybody walk the Dinosaur!

First off, since a certain show was terribly remiss in only playing this in the background:

Now then.  Glee this week went (mostly) back to the light and fluffy.

So we start with Rachel being all full of self-pity for completely epic failing last week at her audition, going so far as to sing a song about it, shocker.

She was tipped over the edge when Quinn and Finn got nominated for prom king and queen, and decided to run together, as friends.  Rachel took great offense to this, and decided to boycott prom, and instead hold her own anti-prom, because of course.

In other news, Quinn is still being accompanied to PT by Dreds, and she is finally able to walk, slowly.  She decides to hold this close to her chest, cause she wants to win prom queen, obvs, and forces Dreds to keep her secret as well.  Manipulative Quinn is manipulative, and uses her injury to garner votes.

And lastly, Brit is terrible to the neglected prom committee, which she had ignored since she was elected class president, and uniformly dismisses all of their ideas as dumb, and unilaterally decides on Dinosaurs as the prom theme.  And apparently, McKinnley High is magic, because they put together a whole Dino themed prom in approximately two days.

SO: Prom.  Rachel, the gay boys, Puck and Becky are at the anti-prom, and the rest are at the actual prom.  Finn catches Quinn in her lie, gets pissy, calls Quinn all sorts of names, and goes to the anti-prom.  Everyone else has a good time at the prom, even though Brit sings a random song with creepy dino-head dancers.  So we flip to the anti-prom, where everyone is having a terrible time until Finn comes by, and all but Puck and Becky decide to go to the actual prom.

Rachel apologizes to Quinn for being a jealous monster, and Quinn comes to her senses for what I am pretty sure was the third or fourth time in the last three episodes, and decides to be a good person again.  She and Santana decided to fake the prom queen results and give it to Rachel, so now she’s all happy again.

Puck and Becky, after a rousing game of strip poker, decide to crown themselves king and queen of the anti-prom, and make an appearance at the real prom, just in time to see Rachel get crowned prom queen, and Quinn stand to sing her duet with Santana.

And everyone gasped, and clapped, the end.


“Big Girls Don’t Cry” as sung by Rachel, Kurt and Blaine
“Dinosaur” as sung by Brit and her dino head posse, which I will not be linking, cause I refuse to give audience to ke-dollar sign-ha
Love You Like a Love Song” as sung by Santana
“You don’t Know You’re Beautiful” as sung by Sam, Dreds, Ireland, Artie, and Mike, and again, I won’t be linking because ewww
“Take Your Breath Away” as sung by Santana and Quinn

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