Friday, May 18, 2012

Today in music history: 1997

Another Friday, another look back on music history.

Today, we go back to 1997, and find:

"Mmmbop" by Hanson.

When I saw this song come up, I started laughing sooo hard.  I was in 7th grade when this hit number one, and I remember all the girls going crazy for the long-haired boys.  Isaac, Taylor and Zack(each married with kids now) were such dorks!  The video is kind of hilarious.  Terrible green screen, random shots of the boys goofing around, and a blooming flower as their backdrop.  Weird.

Also:  What are they actually singing, beyond mmmbop?  None of them have great diction, and I have no idea what they are even singing about.

Oh well.  What did you tink of this one?

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