Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

I'm just finished week two of my training for the MS 150, and again, the weather messed up my plans, some more.

My current plans are to ride to work ever day-that's four miles there, four back, for 40 miles a week.  I also plan to ride on the weekends, at least ten miles, hopefully more, with a goal of adding five miles each weekend.  Unfortunately, the cold, rainy weather has really messed with my plans, both last week and this week, so I didn't hit my goals, but I did get some riding in.

I managed to ride to work twice this week(thanks for taking my car to work, babe, it's a great motivator!), and made one trip to Target--I love that it's so close to my house!

To donate to my ride, please click here.  It's a great cause, and I'm proud to be riding for the fourth year!

Week 2(March 25-31) totals: 18 miles
Week 1(March 18-24) totals: 26 miles

Total Miles: 44

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