Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The great loves of my youth, or Everything new is crap

Ahh, nostalgia.  When we look back at the entertainment from our youth, it is most definitely rose-colored.  There are many critics of this entertainment, most notably at Channel Awesome(tgwtg.com).  They do a fantastic job of ripping to shreds the terrible forms this entertainment took, and do it much better than I could ever dream of doing.  They take those rose-colored glasses, and stomp on them til they are but a bump underfoot. 

I however, want to look a bit more happily back at these memories.  There ARE exceptionally corny moments, even in the movies and shows I look back on with fondness, but I like to remember these show as the ones that shaped me, at least partially. 

These are characters that we can quote even 20 years later, and know someone, somewhere will get the joke.  “I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey hey!” or “ToPANga!” roll off our tongues like our best friends phone number…before cell phones did it for us.

These are the happy memories of our youth, before Nickelodeon changed, and Disney only saw dollar signs in the young starlets they attempt to force down the throats of the youth of America…and seem to be succeeding.  I can just see the next generation, all grown up, nostalgic for this crap, and it makes me a bit sad…but I imagine our parents felt the same way.

To start off, starting next week, I will be looking at my all time favorite show, Boy Meets World.  Oh, that Shawn, he’s sooo dreamy!

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