Monday, April 9, 2012

SNL: 4/7/2012

So I’ve been watching SNL since ~2002, when Tina, Jimmy and Amy were the mainstays.

A lot of people say the show has gone downhill, if you listen to the haters, since approximately 1976.  I am of the opinion that the first two or three seasons that a person watches are what they find the funniest, and everything after is just a pale imitation, in their mind.  If you were to poll a group of high schoolers and college kids, I would guess a decent chunk of them would be finding SNL hilarious right now.

Since I am neither, I actually don’t find a lot of it terribly funny, but there are usually a few good laughs here and there.  I thought I’d do a ‘the good, the meh, and the ugly’ recap, and hopefully some embeds as well!

The good

Just Friends booty shorts(7)-The booty shorts to wear with your friends when you want people to know you’re not gay!  I admit, I loled a bit when the ‘Not’ portion of the Not Gay shirt walked away, leaving Andy Samberg alone with his Gay shirt.

Pantene Commercial(7)-Kate McKinnon, the new cast member as of last week, had a lead role in this sketch, were the two ladies were given line with a bug disparity in difficulty levels.  Kate, as Penelope Cruz, was great as she mangled the many scientific words they threw at her.

Hunger Games Reporter(8)-I don’t know if it’s because I really enjoy the books that I liked this sketch, or if it was genuinely funny, but I enjoyed it none the less.  The reporter was in field reporting, and generally being obnoxious, getting kids killed and whatnot.  I was rolling laughing at Katniss giving her the poisonous berries.

The meh
Cold Open(4)-This would have been better if they stuck to only three or four locations

Monologue(6)-I was pleasantly surprised at Sofia Vergara’s willingness to laugh at herself

Being Quirky(6)-Another one that went on a bit too long for me, but the impressions were top notch, even the host’s

Almost Pizza(5)-this seemed more gross-out ‘humor’ than anything actually funny

Gilly(4/7)-This character has really worn out it’s welcome, though the actual conversation Gilly had with the teacher at the end nearly saved it…”Suck it, bitch?  Too far?  Yeah, I think so too.”  I loled

Weekend Update(5/6)-The headlines were only meh, I don’t even remember any of them, and it hasn’t been a full day.  Drunk uncle, though, gave me a couple chuckles, in the ‘oh, that’s familiar’ sense.

The ugly

News Bumper(3)-I don’t think this one actually even had a joke…weird

Manuel Ortiz(3)-Still not funny, still not funny, still not funny. 

Watch What Happens Live(2)-I think I would have enjoyed this one more if I had any idea at all who they were lampooning, but seeing as I try to keep my TV off of Bravo, I had no clue

Musical Guest(1)-Seriously?  A boy band put together by Simon Cowell?  That’s freaking disgusting

Overall-Well, I managed to stay awake for the whole thing, which is unusual for me, so good, maybe?(Average score 4.85)

Next Week: Josh Brolin and Gotye—I really hope Gotye doesn’t use the popified version of his current hit, as it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little every time I hear it.

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