Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The funny stuff: NBC Thursdays make me lol

Yay, Community!

That is all.

Actually, no, just kidding.  But still:  YAY!

Community was back for its third show after a forced hiatus following a December episode(NBC Britta’d it, as all the cool kids say).  Troy and Abed have continued their sad arc, in which their friendship is on the ropes.  This time, a pillow fort vs. a blanket fort, with the Vice Dean of Air Conditioner Repair acting as the instigator, was all it took for angry glares to abound, with an ever growing sadness in the viewer’s heart. 

 This is what my husband sang to me at the "To be continued..."

In less…depressing news, Britta Britta’d it again, with Subway(the guy, not the restaurant) when she did “unnatural acts” while being secretly recorded by a dastardly Pierce…but what else is new?  My favorite convo?  “You should read 1984.” “Oh, I did, in high school.  I think everyone should be forced to read it.”  So made me LoL!

30 Rock.  What can I say about this show?  It’s getting a bit long in the tooth, which even they seem to recognize, seeing as the entire episode was, “hey, haven’t we done this before?  Yeah, we have?  Thought so.”  Though the new page is making me laugh a bit—“Hey boys, down here, I have boobs, you know!”

The Office was a rerun, so I shall flip to ABC Wednesdays, and talk about Happy Endings a bit.  This show is funny!  Normal situations, ratcheted up to a thousand on the crazy scale makes for tons of fun.  I mean, who hasn’t lied to an acquaintance they didn’t really want to hang out with, only to have to back up that lie by paying 30 strangers twenty bucks each to play another friends coworkers at said friends baby shower for her non-existent baby?  Happens to everyone, for sure!

Finally we have Up All Night.  This show is kind of, eh…I think it may be dropping off my radar again now that I’m kind of over Awake, and since I was only watching it to get to Awake, the need is gone.  I feel like I should like this show more, but it really is seeming to go for the inoffensive laughs, rather than the really funny ones.  Not that I could actually come up with the really funny stuff, that’s why other people get paid to write, and I don’t, but, maybe they should?  Over there?  Anyway.  The one chicka did some things, and the husband hurt himself trying to play hockey with the young guns, and the chicka sand with Stevie Nicks in her head.  Yeah, this show is done, I can’t even remember why the different pieces were funny…not a good sign.
Next week:  More recaps, assuming the episodes are new!  If not, we look at: Chaos

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