Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Funny Stuff: Annie broke Abed!

This week saw lots of new episodes, mostly on Thursday, but we shall start with…

How I Met Your Mother: I feel like this show is scrapping at the bottom of the barrel.  This week, Lily had a sex dream about Ranjeet, the driver that seems to solely service the main group of this show.  Honestly, I could have sworn they did a sex dream episode before, but I could find it in my cursory search, so oh well.  There was one funny line worth repeating:  Ted was saying how the security guard at Robin’s work eventually started a band, and got big, but he’d get back to that later.  Then he goes, “No I won’t…They had one song, it didn’t suck, then end.”  I was dying laughing at that, least of all cause it was rather meta of them.

2 Broke Girls: Normally this show is a bit of inoffensive fluff, but this week, I was screaming at the TV the whole time.  Not because the jokes were racist or unfunny(which they were), not because the plot was full of holes(which it was), but because the characters weren’t using common sense!  I mean honestly, if you make the kind of money Max has been claiming since the show began, you would do you taxes EVERY YEAR because you would be getting scads of money back!  I mean really!  And the way they handled Caroline’s supposed tax knowledge was just wretched.  Any person that had even a drop of knowledge would do a better job of ‘assisting’ then Caroline did.  All I could do during this episode was shake my head.
Suburgatory: This was a cute episode.  I hadn’t heard Alicia Silverstone was guesting, so that was a surprise.  The way this show handles the fallout of events, even if they do hit 1000 on the crazy scale, is nice, I think.  George’s best friend is using a surrogate to have a baby, and George was attracted to said surrogate.  I think the reaction to the situation was about as real as it could get, considering the sanity level of the people in Chatswin.

Community: Oh, my goodness, this episode.  I love Abed soooo much, so this episode was freaking awesome, but I’ve heard from many people that it was a rather obtuse episode, one a new viewer would have a hard time breaking into.  But honestly?  Community is not a self-contained show, that has self-contained jokes.  The running gags, the call backs, the easter eggs in this show are just incredible in their scope, and it is fantastic.  Abed’s dreamatorium allowing him to play out scenarios of how different things would change how events played out was brilliant, and Annie trying to show him how to be empathetic by having him put other’s feelings first was genius.  Danny Pudi and the rest of the cast did a utterly amazing job playing Abad playing themselves, or playing Annie playing Abed.  I was laughing so much with this episode, it made me happy.

30 Rock: My notes for this episode are non-existent, but I do remember thinking that it was much better then the previous few weeks.  Liz role playing with Cris, the terribly constructed couches…this episode was nearly back to the feeling of early season episodes, and it was nice.

The Office: I really enjoyed this episode as well, though again, lots of the online contingent didn’t really like it.  Andy going back to his anger management days, Kelly and Ryan being immature as ususal, a cute cold open…it felt like a call-back episode.  The only bad part about that was it ignored just about all character growth we’ve seen for the last couple of seasons, so…mixed bag.

And lastly….

Parks and Rec: It’s a miracle!  Parks and Rec and Community on at the same time!  This show is seriously the sweetest comedy on TV.  Ben and Leslie make a great couple, especially when they are on the warpath, ready to take on their election foe…whose name I can’t remember at the moment.  April, everyone’s favorite young curmudgeon, took over Leslie’s job on an interim basis, and at first was completely frustrated(“Yes, Mr. Hamster Penis…”), but Tom of all people helped her see how things were all working out.  And of course, we can’t forget Ron and his spinning meat pyramid at the Greek restaurant, because what would Ron be without his love of meat?

All in all, it was a good week for comedies!  Besides the excessive yelling on Monday, I enjoyed just about all the episodes this week!

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