Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The funny stuff:A wedding, a war, and dad smell

Thursday is currently my favorite day, if only for Community.  I seriously cannot get enough of this show.  In the last three weeks that it has been back, people have been wondering if the forced hiatus changed it, for the worse.  Tonight, we got our answer.

Community: Troy and Abed’s fight from last week has turned into all out war; the pillow fight vs. the blanket fort will be a battle that will live in infamy…at least to Greendale students.  Jeff not giving a damn, Pierce being…Pierce, Big Cheddar making a reappearance, this episode had it all.

When Jeff actually went to the Dean’s office to get the imaginary hats, even though no one was looking, I knew this episode was destined to be a classic.

The battle was framed as a PBS war documentary, with still shots and voice-overs providing much of the narrative.  It was definitely high concept, but it was much more accessible than the ‘Dean goes crazy filming a recruiting video’ episode.

All in all, this episode was great.  I was laughing through the entire thing, and got to learn a bit more about characters outside of the main study group.  Leonard likes this post.

30 Rock: I said this last week as well, but I think this show is getting a bit tired.  Liz plays the parent figure to Tracy…Jenna gets pranked by the writers…Jenna acts like a human, only to go back to crazy two seconds later…Jack attempts to ‘help’ one of his underlings and only makes things worse for them…

There were a few funny moments, like when Liz and Jenna said the whitest ghetto speak next to mine…

For shizzle, my nizzle

And the end cap was pretty great, with several cast members reading their self-assessments, and Jack’s critique coming true.

Happy Endings: Since we again have no Office or Parks and Rec, I’ll finish with the season finale of Happy Endings.  I only discovered this show a couple of month ago, but I just can’t get enough of it.  The main group of friends are all likeable for the most part, and they all seem to be having an absolute blast building this world for us.

The highlight of this episode for me was Jane, the only one of the main group not asked to be in the wedding party of a mutual friend of the group.  When she found out the couple were going to have issues keeping the wedding in budget, she went into crazy control mode, turning Pigs in a blanket to piglets in a binkey, and trading out the brie for a napkin.

Even though I like Community better, I do enjoy how this show actually has character development mixed in with the funny.  Even though it’s a bit cliché, two of the group maybe will be getting together in the next season, and they previewed that in this episode.  Luckily, it felt organic, like something these characters would actually do, and not just some hackneyed plot device to create conflict later.

Of course, though, I can forge the piece de resistance,  the thing everyone will be talking about…MANDONNA!  Chicago’s number three all-male Madonna cover band!  Fronted by Max, I must say, it was glorious.

Hopefully this still works when this post publishes

And that’s all for this week!  Next week:  More new funny, or Chaos.

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