Sunday, April 15, 2012

The funny Stuff: New things everywhere!

Last week was filled to the brim with new episode of many of the shows I try to catch each week, starting with…

How I Met your Mother: I still watch this show every time it comes on, but I think I’m not watching it for the humor, I’m watching it because I am invested in the characters, and I really want to know what happens to them.  That being said, this episode did elicit a few chuckles, though the premise went on far too long, like a bad SNL sketch.  The payoff at the end, though, was so cute: “I can’t believe Ted’s bringing a girl.” And in walks Ted with his baby daughter.  I aww’ed, for sure.

2 Broke Girls: I rather enjoy this show, even though most of the jokes are forgettable.  I do like breaking out the occasional “NO, Pants!” however, at inopportune times, and many laughs were had by all.  This week, drug testing so the blonde can afford a lawyer for her father’s deposition.  I admit, I laughed, but the obvious racial jokes are wearing a bit thin.  I much prefer when they focus on the girls, and their friendship.

The Middle: Another rather inoffensive little comedy, though one that I rather enjoy.  The situations aren’t over-the-top hilarious, but they are realistically funny.  This week’s episode revolved around ‘doing your thing,’ and led to Sue ‘babysitting’ a 14-year-old, Frankie stressing out over what exactly her thing is, and Brick hijacked Axel’s bed, but only after Axel traded Brick’s bed for a 10-in-1 game table.

Suburgatory: This is another show I am really enjoying.  It’s new this season, and I’ve watched every episode except one.  Even though it is hardcore poking fun at the suburbs, and the crazy antics occationally pass the credulity test, for the majority of the time, the characters are…not believable, but based somewhere in truth.  Funniest line of the night?  “I want a hangover monkey.  You know, like from the movie, The Hangover?”  I about died laughing.  You may have to imagine it being said by a very blond teenage girl to get the full humor, though.

And now, I bet you thought I forgot…but it is time for…

COMMUNITY!  This episode was as side-splittingly funny as last week’s, but what it lacked in laugh-out-loud comedy, it greatly made up for in humorous character development.  While having insane situations and crazy antics makes for good comedy, if you aren’t careful, the characters turn into caricatures, which people lose interest in very quickly.  Just look at the Chang backlash.  We got a bit of movement on possible hook-up fronts on four players: Jeff-Annie, and Troy-Britta.  I like how they haven’t been rushing possible relationships, but letting them grow organically, or as organic as a scripted show can be.

A couple of the funny lines for ya:

ABED, after the DEAN unexpectedly show up at his apartment in pj’s: I need help reacting to something!

ANNIE: She’s whipped by an imaginary douche!
DEAN:Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

30 Rock: Not a bad episode this week, though kind of forgettable.  Jenna’s dating a Wiggle’s knockoff, and Liz attempted to help Jack, and failed miserably, again, some more.

I wrote down some of the funny here too:

JENNA: [Paul should date] the sedated prisoner they keep in the Barney costume!

RANDOM WOGGLE: Nothing can tear us apart, except for the shark that got a hold of the fifth woggle.

RANDOM WOGGLE: Woggle power!
RW2: Woggle means white in Australian.

The Office:  Last, but not least…or possible yes, it is the least.  This show has kind of gone on to the character development thing I talked about with Community full time.  I think people only watch it because they want to see how the characters turn out, including myself.  This episode was also utterly forgettable, I can’t even remember what the b-plot was.  The A-plot was cute, but only because I *heart* Andy and Erin as a couple.  However, the whole story being him breaking up with Jessica so he could kiss Erin felt like it should have been maybe the first half of the episode, and not the whole thing.  Though I suppose they are having the confrontation between annoying red-head and Andy fill the entire next week’s episode, maybe?

And thus ends my comedy revue!  All in all, a decent week for sitcoms, even if some were forgettable, at least they weren’t not funny, cause I do remember getting a chuckle out of each show.

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